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Death in the Fire of the Rudra Gyan Yagya

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The Key to the Human Modern History

If someone types ‘1936’ to search for the information in the Wikipedia resources, he will receive a long webpage of records communicating what happened in 1936. None of them mentions ‘birth of the living Rudra Gyan Yagya’.  Most of traditional teachers, pundits, scholars asked about yagya, will probably think about a religious ceremony which is performed to please the Almighty God. It is performed around a holy fire, contains chanting of Vedic Mantras conducted by qualified Brahmins.


The mentioned Rudra Gyan Yagya (RGY) has nothing to do with this kind of offering. It is ‘the living Rudra Gyan Yagya’, so it deals with the living offering that takes place on a mass scale greater than holocaust. In order to understand how it happens, one needs to understand the history of RGY.

RGY was established in 1936, in Hyderabad Sindh, in today’s Pakistan. According to the sources available today [1] its beginnings are connected with two personalities, a famous rich merchant Lekhraj Khubchand Kripalani from Sindh and another person who may have been his business partner. It hasn’t been confirmed yet who was that person. The name that has been quite often mentioned in certain sources connected to Adhyatmik Ishvariya Vishva Vidyalaya was ‘Sevakram’. At the same time, the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, the organization that was born from the Rudra Gyan Yagya in 1951 maintains that the person named Sevakram was not important at all; he was one of Lekhraj’s business partners in Calcutta, but they split their business in app. 1936. However, on the other side Sevakram was described in some sources connected to the Brahma Kumaris as  Kripalani’s closest confidant and the closest partner in business. Lekhraj Kripalani valued his opinion in every issue and very often asked him for advice [2] . In 1936 Lekhraj Kripalani experienced unusual visions that could be explained to him neither by his gurus nor by scholars and teachers in Banaras. Those visions contained images of great destruction – the death sentence for the human world to be executed within 100 years. There are evidences as well as rationale that it could be Sevakram who played the main role in explaining the meanings of those visions to Lekhraj Kripalani in Calcutta in 1936 and next both of them went to Hyderabad and established a new spiritual gathering in which Sevakram might have played the key role in the beginning. The evidences of this are mainly contained in the Sakar Murlis. There are also some evidence in Avyakt Vanis and personal accounts of witnesses. [3] However, one needs to bear in mind that the name is not mentioned in the Sakar Murlis and Avyakt Vanis. It is not confirmed yet who first mentioned the name ‘Sevakram’ as the person playing an important role in the beginning. The name ‘Sevakram’  might  have been mentioned only as a kind of ‘title’ describing the role that person played at the time of the establishments of RGY and might have referred to someone different from the physical Sewakaram. The are some evidences behind this assumption and the research on this topic is being done, but at this stage details can’t be revealed.

Documents referring to the history of the Rudra Gyan Yagya available nowadays can be divided into four groups. The first group of documents are so-called records of the Sakar Murlis (printed copies and audio recordings) and original preserved documents from the period 1936-1969. The second group of documents are publications produced after 1969 by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University which was established between 1947 and the beginning of 1950-ties by Lekhraj Kripalani known since then as Dada or Brahma Baba. [4] The third group of documents are commentaries to the Sakar Murlis by ShivBaba, the founder of Adhyatmik Ishvariya Vishvavidyalaya, and materials published by that spiritual gathering established between 1976-1981. The fourth group of documents are accounts of witnesses published by institutions not connected to BKIVV and AIVV. [5] It seems that the first group of sources is the most important, as they contain the original information about the Rudra Gyan Yagya, its history and teachings. Unfortunately, not many documents and Sakar Murlis are available to the public at this time. Lots of them were simply destroyed by the followers of Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba, meaning the Brahma Kumaris, while Dada Lekraj was alive. They used them as household papers and threw them away without thinking that they may have any historical or intellectual value. The fact that quite a few followers of Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba express in public their hatred towards intellectual matters and education may lay behind their attitude towards those documents. [6] A part of documents was buried in earth in Karachi by Brahma Kumaris. A part of documents may still be hidden somewhere in archives or in private houses. A part has been adulterated by the organization Brahma Kumaris after Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba’s death in 1969. A part was preserved by the students of AIVV.

The question arises: ‘What are the Sakar Murlis?’ The Sakar Murlis are classes delivered orally in the period of 1947-1969. As it was said above, they have been preserved partially;  a part of them was recorded; there are also their printed copies. The Sakar Murlis are considered by certain circles to be words spoken by the Supreme Spiritual Father Shiva through a human chariot, Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba’s body in the mentioned period.  There is no historical evidence that Shiva who according to those Murlis is always an incorporeal soul, entered into Dada Lekhraj’s body and narrated those classes. The accounts delivered by students of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University that Shiva had entered Dada Lekhraj in 1936, pronounced words ‘Shivoham Shivoham’ and Dada became Shiva’s chariot and repeated by various academics and researchers have no evidence. On the contrary, there are many evidences that it didn’t happen. [7] Actually, only careful studies of the murli records and thorough analysis of the knowledge delivered in them and their language may become an indication for a researcher that some unusual knowledge in the human history was narrated through a human being in the period of 1947-69 and the Narrator might not have been a human being.  A careful researcher may discover that the teachings contained in the Sakar Murlis are not ordinary human words. In a way, they resemble the Vedas. Sentences seem to work like Mantras; their order seems to have its own logic; they seem to be a kind of code. An ordinary reader may feel quite often that they don’t make sense. Some researchers said that they couldn’t help thinking that there was something behind those words, something powerful, yet remaining hidden. There are also voices saying that words and sentences of the Sakar Murlis are like scattered parts of a mandala or mosaic. They need to be put in order, reassembled, but what is the key? Some say that Sakar Murlis are very similar to Sanskrit. Each sentence works like a Sanskrit root, meaning like a messenger, a carrier of a rich deep meaning, but they need to be decoded. They may have their own hierarchy of importance and be very well and logically organized, but the human mind fails in recognizing their structure. Finally, astonishing may be the fact that the teachings contained in the Sakar Murlis seem to combine the essence of the four biggest religious branches of the world: Hinduism, religions connected to Abraham, Buddhism and Christianity.  The Sakar Murlis contain also sentences introducing a person who is supposed to come in the future and play the role of the Father, Teacher and True Guide, the Most Elevated Guide of the Word who is addressed in Hindi Shri Shri 108 Jagad Guru. This is also a pattern well known from the scriptures. The message comes first, then after some time the one who is capable to understand and implement that message appears.

The World Spiritual University Brahma Kumaris came into possession of the Sakar Murlis after 1969 and started introducing their own interpretation of those teachings which today they spread widely. Brahma Kumaris deleted big parts of the original teachings, added some interpretations  and nowadays they distribute copies of Murlis that contain ¼ or less of their original content. [8] Based on those adulterated teachings they created their own doctrine and established the cult of Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba as the corporeal God the Father, the cult of BK Gulzar and cults of other seniors of the organization. In order to be able to establish the cult of Brahma  as God, the organization falsified many facts from Dada Lekhraj’s life including the date of his birth. [9] Moreover, they announced their exclusive copyrights to the Sakar Murlis. For decades they have been denying ordinary people access to the original teachings of the Sakar Murlis, providing only the chosen ones by them with revised versions.

On the other hand, the preserved Sakar Murlis from 1965-69 came also into possession of a group called today Adhyatmik Ishvariya Vishvavidyala. The founder of the this spiritual family and school, ShivBaba, has already delivered approximately 3000 hours of commentaries and detailed explanations of those Sakar Murlis.  In his classes, based on the Sakar Murlis, ShivBaba is revealing the hidden secrets of the human history, philosophy, religion and geography. He also provides his students with the analysis of the language used in the Sakar Murlis and shows them how they work beyond limits set by the human mind. Besides this, he explains the history of the Rudra Gyan Yagya contained in those Murlis which in turn, as he says, contain the key to understanding the beginning, middle and end of the human creation.

The main and the simplest message of the Sakar Murlis that may be identified after studying them on the basic level is:

·        The period of 1936-2036 is the time of the Confluence Age, the time of transition from one cycle to the next one. It is the time of Shiva’s incarnation in the human world. Shiva who is always an incorporeal soul – point of spiritual energy – once a cycle, at its very end, comes to the physical world of the human creation when it remains in total darkness of ignorance. He comes in order to impart the knowledge about man, God and universe, explain the true meaning of the scriptures, purify the human souls, protect the righteous ones and destroy the unrighteous ones. He accomplishes all this in three tasks: creation of the divine world through Brahma, destruction of the old world through Shankar and sustenance of the new creation through Vishnu. He uses two human chariots, meaning human bodies, the body of Brahma and the body of Shankar. At the end of the Confluence Age it comes to the most bloody and cruel wars, human massacre and slaughters, the greatest calamities and disasters in the world history. Finally, most of humans die in the fire of bombs created and exploded by themselves.

Knowledge delivered by ShivBaba nowadays is much wider and deeper than the message above. ShivBaba finds and explains connections between the Sakar Murlis and the Bhagavad Gita and other world famous scriptures. He also explains secrets of the cycle which rotates eternally and has always the same scenario. Understanding and realizing the cycle, as he says, gives the answers to questions about the self, eternity, hidden meanings in the scriptures. According to the knowledge contained in the Sakar Murlis, all the scriptures of the world are memorials of what happens in the Confluence Age, of the Divine Knowledge delivered in the Confluence Age and of the roles played in the Confluence Age in the world of the human creation. That is why there are many similarities in them and in their essence all of them are about the same God, but humans at the end of the cycle are unable to see it, because they are in the tamopradhan stage (the stage of extreme impurity, darkness and evil). Finally, ShivBaba warns people, telling them that the destruction described in the Sakar Murlis and in the scriptures of the world is not a joke or fantasy or only a metaphor. Humans are facing the most difficult time in their cyclical history. On one side it will be the most horrible time, the time of the most frightening hell; on the other side it will be the most wonderful time, the time of Revelation of the Truth.  This time was described in the scriptures as the Apocalypse or the Armageddon or Shiva’s Tandav Nritya, or Mahakali’s Dance. This is the time of the Destructive Dance of Death. Descriptions of how, when and what is going to happen are contained in the Sakar Murlis. One only needs to decode them and understand them. Man has invented the atom bomb not in order to decorate his house. What he invented, he will definitely put in use and set his house on fire.

Shiva Shankar as Mahakal during his Dance of Destruction.

In the middle of that hell the Truth will be revealed. Those who are described in the Apocalypse as the Four Riders will pave the way before the Truth. Those allegoric stories are only a reflection of what takes place at the end of each cycle. The time of the end of the cycle is now.

Four Riders of Apocalypse

The Great Destruction of the human world was announced at the very beginning of the Rudra Gyan Yagya and the document below dated 1 January 1943 is one of evidences.  It is like an announcement of the war to happen in both subtle and physical ways. It is a document that was produced and signed by the followers of Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba, the Brahma Kumaris.

It is also worthy to mention that this ‘Divine Decree’ is also one of proofs against what the Brahma Kumaris inform about the idol of their cult, Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba being a so-called incarnation of Shiva since 1936. [10] The name Shiva was unknown in the teachings of the Brahma Kumaris until at least 1942 or even until1949. More evidences are contained in the copies of Om Radhe’s discussion with judges (1942) and classes from Karachi dated 1942 narrated to the Brahma Kumaris. There are 13 pages of those classes available at the present time, called ‘1942,  Pre-ordained War’. Their authenticity still needs the final verification. They contain many information about the Mahabharat War to take place in the reality.

The Sakar Murlis contain many points about means and instruments of Destruction.  ‘Shankar’ is the name that is permanently combined with the task of the coming destruction in the human world. Many of those points related to Shankar were removed from the versions distributed by the Brahma Kumaris. Here are just few of them:

·         Destruction takes place through Shankar. He is also performing his duty. Shankar does exist. That’s why, there are visions of Shankar. (the murli 26-02-73/76)

·         The Father is a great conqueror of attachment (mohjit). There are so many children, who have died on the pyre of lust. The Supreme Father Supreme Soul does come to cause the destruction of the old world through Shankar. So, how will he have attachment? (the murli 1.5.71)

·         They say for Shankar, don’t they – he opened the eye in a second and destruction took place. This is a sign of the task of the one who destroys. (the murli 4.11.76)

·         Actually Shiva has a big role. He teaches. What does Shankar do? His role is so wonderful that you will not be able to believe it. (the murlis 14.5.75 and 15.05.75)

·         The Father has explained that Shankar doesn’t have that much role. He is next to Shiva.” (the murli 8.3.76)

However, interesting points are contained also in the Avyakt Vanis [11] narrated since 1969 to the Brahma Kumaris.  For example:

·         The role of Shankar has to be played in reality. However, the shakties [12] play the role of destruction. Shankar doesn’t have to play it. The shakties have to assume the destructive form. (the avyakt vani 1.10.71)

Who is Shankar and who are shaktis? What are their connections with the Four Riders? One important thing that maybe identified after studies and analysis of the Sakar Murlis is that the image of Shankar who in Hinduism is generally considered to be Shiva, is one of the religious memorials of the Confluence Age. Another important thing is the information that Shiva and Shankar are not the same; they are separate entities, separate souls, but they were combined and considered as one by those who created memorials. Memorials that are widely spread nowadays and known as ‘world culture heritage’ remind people of what happened in the  Confluence Age of the previous cycle. The memorials of the present Confluence Age will be created after 2500 years of the next cycle. [13] Here are few points from those teachings confirming the existence of Shankar in the real human world. It means that there should be a person among humans who through his acts proves that he is that one to whom legendary images, idols and stories of Shankar refer.

·         Hadn’t Shankar existed, they wouldn’t have combined us with Shankar. They prepared the picture and also combined me with Shankar. They call him Shiva-Shankar Mahadev. Hence, he becomes Mahadev. (the murlis dated 5.07, 26.06.76 and 16.02.73)

·         Shankar is also a deity. But they have combined Shiva and Shankar. Now the father says, ‘I have entered into them.’ Therefore, you say BapDada, but they say Shiv-Shankar. They will not say Shankar-Shiv. They say Shiv-Shankar. (the murlis 11-2-75, 25.02.00)

These points need a deep understanding and explanation. Who is/are hidden behind ‘us’, ‘them’, who is BapDada? Thorough studies of the commentaries and explanation delivered by ShivBaba, the founder of Adhyatmik Ishvariya Vishva Vidyalaya, bring answers to these questions. ‘Us’ is used for  Trinetri Shiva and Brahma Baba the Moon of Knowledge; ‘them’ is used for Brahma and Shankar. Shankar in the Confluence Age is a Person of Shiva, a corporeal form of Shiva, his physical chariot through which Shiva has the task of the world destruction accomplished. Hence, Shankar may be called the incarnation of God Trimurti Shiva who at the certain time of the Confluence Age is revealed before the entire world, remembered by followers of all religions and later on described in their scriptures in various forms. Hindu memorials show him dancing in fire. Dance symbolizes the revolutionary sharp knowledge that Shiva narrates through Shankar and through which he stirs the entire world, the followers of all religions. That Knowledge reveals the best of the best and the worst of the worst in the world. It is meant to kill that dwarf under Shiva-Shankar’s foot. That is the dwarf of body consciousness that has to be trampled down and rejected by all humans. Those who are unable to digest that Knowledge that is also depicted in the scriptures as the sharpest sword, and who are unable to reject body consciousness, become so vicious that they make wars and bring about the destruction of the world. They start revolts, fights, bloodsheds and eventually bring about atomic explosions. The fire of destruction is all around Shiva-Shankar, but they remain untouched, completely beyond as it was described in the Sakar Murlis: ‘Actually Shankar doesn’t have that much role. Destruction has to take place indeed. The Father brings about destruction through the one who is not affected by sin. If you said that God makes destruction, he would become guilty.’ (the murli 30.04.75)  So, based on the Sakar Murlis and ShivBaba’s commentaries to them, it becomes clear that the one who is called God under many names in various religions of the world (Allah, Prabhu, Bhagvan, Yahve, Yehova, Ahura Mazda, Ormazd, Supreme, Supernatural and many others) is revealed cyclically at the end of the Confluence Age in the human world, in the middle of a field of war. He himself doesn’t make war, but humans around him do, because they don’t understand or don’t want to follow the Highest Law that he communicates to them as a detached observer.  Studies of ShivBaba’s commentaries may lead to another conclusion. The Four Riders depicted in the Apocalypse are those who finally come into direct contact with the fighting humans. They represent four main religious branches in the world, mentioned in the Sakar Murlis and commentaries to them as Hindu, Islam, Buddhism, Christianity. In the matrix of the human world presented in the Picture of the Cycle Tree and commented by ShivBaba extensively, there are four human souls that may be called ‘seeds of those four religions’. They are recognized in the Confluence Age, when they play their roles in the human world and described in scriptures later on. For example, in Hindu scriptures they were depicted as Ram, Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughn. After a thorough analysis of the descriptions of the four mentioned religions in the  Sakar Murlis and commentaries, and after comparing that knowledge with the description of these four heroes in the scriptures, astonishing facts may be revealed. Ram in the Ramayana is the personification of the Adi Sanatan Dharm (later on called Hindu). He was depicted in the Apocalypse, ‘6:2 And I saw: and behold a white horse, and he that sat on him had a bow, and there was a crown given him, and he went forth conquering that he might conquer.’ Bharat in the Ramayana is the personification of Islam and was described in the Apocalypse, ‘6:4 And there went out another horse that was red; and to him that sat thereon, it was given that he should take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another, and a great sword was given to him.’  Lakshman personifies Buddhism. The Apocalypse provides with the following description of the third Rider, ‘6:5 And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature saying: Come, and see. And behold a black horse, and he that sat on him had a pair of scales in his hand.’ The fourth one among the brothers in the Ramayana has his counterpart in the Apocalypse described as the forth Rider, ‘6:8 And behold a pale horse, and he that sat upon him, his name was Death, and hell followed him. And power was given to him over the four parts of the earth, to kill with sword, with famine, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.’ Except for the first one, who becomes the victorious king of the world, the remaining three Riders number wise play their roles in the group of the Deities of Destruction in the Confluence Age (nashta deva), in contrast to the Eight Deities (ashta deva) who are instruments in the revelation of the Truth. Both the Sakar Murlis and ShivBaba’s commentaries to them provide with deep insights and explanations of the mentioned topics giving a researcher or a student a wide field for new insights and discoveries. Presenting them here is far beyond the scope of this article.

Now, one may ask the question, why the Brahma Kumaris removed so many points from Sakar Murlis, particularly points concerning Shankar? After all, the same was communicated to them in the Avyakt Vanis.  Both teachings confirm the existence of Shankar in the reality and contain even a powerful appeal saying, ‘If you remove Shankar, he will remove you.’ Since it is clear that Shankar is a person living in the Confluence Age, why did the Brahma Kumaris start to teach after 1969 that Shankar doesn’t exist? One of the possible answers is also hidden in the mentioned teachings. The Brahma Kumaris are called shaktis. According to the Sakar Murlis and the Avyakt Vanis, it is not Shiva-Shankar, but shaktis themselves who assume a destructive form and bring about destruction. The destructive form is the form of the extreme impurity, in other words it is the tamopradhan stage, when darkness, ignorance, evil and vice dominate in the soul and matter. When one compares the teachings contained in the Sakar Murlis of 1965-69  that the organization Brahma Kumaris consider to belong exclusively to them, with the teachings and practices that they are spreading under the name of ‘Sakar Murlis’ nowadays, he will certainly notice a vast difference. Most of things that today have become a daily practice of that organization, such as adoration of altars and human idols with Dada Lekhraj  and seniors of the organization, ceremonies, offerings, concerts, parties, publications, using photographs and music, using gadgets such as necklaces, badges, rings and probably the most important thing – spreading falsified by them teachings and history of the organization, don’t correspond to the teachings contained in the Sakar Murlis. [14] On the other hand, the research conducted in the period of 2002-2009 [15] confirms a constantly increasing number of people, also among those connected to the organization Brahma Kumaris as well as researchers and general public opinion,  who reveal so called ‘hidden agenda’ of the Brahma Kumaris. [16] That hidden agenda contains  vital for today’s world words: destruction through atom bombs. The research conducted through the methods of participating observation among the members of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in the mentioned period proves that the Brahma Kumaris use double standards and teach about the destruction in two ways. One is their official neutral version that they reveal to the public, even to children. Another one is their secret version of destruction that they teach during their exclusive meetings and put into practice in an unofficial way. The results of research conducted in the circles associated with the Brahma Kumaris are alarming and show that they have penetrated all social strata. They are in political, diplomatic, military, educational, administrative, legal, medical, media and other circles across the world and have there members, followers, friends and supporters even in the most influential international governments and institutions. [17] The Brahma Kumaris leaders are conveying the message that this human world has to be destroyed with the help of the atomic weapon, because it is impure and full of demons; they are spreading the information that this world has to be blown out, so that the chosen ones could live in golden palaces, wear valuable clothes, crows imbedded with jewels and play together with their god Krishna. Recently the BK leaders have started speaking in public about the need of destruction. BK Jayanti in her class dated 6.10.2004 circulated in the entire world said, ‘Yes, there’ll be destruction that will come from time to time, I don’t know about the dadis, but I speak for myself and probably about most of us, yes they have been… a couple of times I had to sit down and say, well what do I really want; and again the same answer comes very very powerfully, this [destruction] is what I want.’ BK Kumarka also often talked and wrote about destruction. ‘Beloved BapDada repeatedly warns us about the time to come. Therefore, from time to time signals are given to all of you through letters by telling you that Baba says…’ [BK Kumarka 1998] If BK Jayanti who is the director of the Brahma Kumaris for Europe and a very important and influential person among BK seniors along with other influential BK seniors announces something like this, next questions have to be asked:

  1. Why do the Brahma Kumaris, despite living in luxuries, want destruction of the world? Generally, a happy and peaceful man doesn’t want destruction that will cause sorrow to many.
  2. Why do the Brahma Kumaris on one side invest huge amounts of money and energy in sustaining the System of this world and on the other side convey the message about the need of destruction? They build houses, invest in real estates, organize huge parties and festivals, programs that seem to be completely contradictory to the idea of destruction and BK’s desire of destruction.
  3. What is the real relationship between the Brahma Kumaris organization, Brahma and Shankar?

The points from the Sakar Murlis that the Brahma Kumaris are trying to hide from the world and the declaration of destruction in 1976 contain the answers, but none of BK or ordinary researchers managed to understand their true meanings. Here are few of those points full of hidden meanings:

  • The world was created through the thought of Brahma and it is through the thought of Brahma that the gate will be opened. Well, but who is Shankar? It is also a deep secret. Since Brahma himself is Vishnu, then who is Shankar? You should have a spiritual chitchat on this. (the avyakt vani 1.01.79, page 166 in the beginning)
  • I have been given different names based on different tasks that I have performed. They say Har-Har-Mahadev, the one who finishes sorrows of everyone. I am this myself, not Shankar! Shankar is present in service also through my inspiration. Brahma is also present in the service. (the murli 4.11.73 page 2 in the middle)
  • Many people ask questions – what is the role of Shankar; how does he cause destruction through inspiration? Tell them that he has been praised for that. There are also pictures. It is explained about this. You do not have any connection with these things. (the murli 23.3.78 page 3 in the beginning)
  • Your Marshall is Shankar himself. His work is to cause destruction. Neither you nor he uses any weapons. Shankar’s work is to cause destruction. ShivBaba’s work is to have the work of establishment done. Shiva and Shankar are not one. That Shankar is ShivBaba’s child. [Mu 20-12-73 Pg-2]

What do the wealthy Brahma Kumaris hide before the world and what are they really aiming at in their secret activities? They are rich, influential, have access to powerful means of manipulation and they use them in order to promote their policy in the world so smartly that the world governments do not suspect anything.  BK hid most of documents and points concerning the Rudra Gyan Yagya, the flame of destruction and the declaration of the destruction in 1976 contained in the Sakar Murlis. They misunderstood things from those original teachings, announced to the world that the physical destruction would happen and when it didn’t happen, they hid all the documents and facts bringing about more harm, because researchers had only their empty declarations without evidence. This in turn led to harmful speculations and conclusions based on imaginary assumptions, like that described by Babb or Wallis. [18] Babb and Wallis and many other authors probably had never chances to go through the original teachings or at least through the Avyakt Vanis clarifying the BKs’ misunderstanding of 1976. [19] As the result of  mistakes in understanding the original teachings, Brahma Kumaris have chosen a very clever and dangerous path. They decided to hide everything from the world, reveal only those few facts that are save for them and do the rest incognito, meaning in disguise, pretending to be someone else. In this way they achieved a very safe position and strategically good position. Most of people are either devoted to them and believe in them, because they appear to them nice or think that they are crazy, but in a safe way. After all none of their predictions has turned to be true…
Those predictions hidden from the world contain the following points:

·         The war with Maya will stop when the Mahabharata war begins and when the roles of souls will be revealed. [Mu.18-1-72 Pg-2]

·         The Mahabharata war took place when the world was to change. At that time only the Father taught Raja Yoga.

·         People themselves will say that this is the Mahabharata war. Surely God must be also present. But who is God? The unfortunate ones do not know this. They are the blind children of blind Dhritrashtra. [21-1-74]

·         The war of the Mahabharata opens the gate to Mukti (liberation from the bondage of the body) and Jeevan Mukti (liberation in life, experienced while living in the body). [Mu.7-1-75 Pg-3]

·         Your religious war has taken place with the scholars and learned people (pundits). Religious war is not called war. [Mu.24-5-73 Pg-3]

·         The fight between Yavans, Hindus and the Congress is yet to take place. This unavoidable bloodshed is bound to take place. [Mu.28.1.71, Pg.2]

·         There is also the dangerous Mahabharata war. It has been also mentioned in the scriptures. And it is called the third world war. These rehearsals will continue. The fourth world war is also [to take place]. [Mu.1-7-73 Pg-1]

·         Why is it called Mahabharata war? (Because) it begins in Bharat (i.e. India). This yagya (Rudra Gyan Yagya) was established in India. The flames of destruction are ignited from here. […] For that, the old world will be definitely destroyed. So, the root of the war is revealed in India. The flame of destruction of the dangerous Mahabharata war was ignited from this Rudra Gyan Yagya. [Mu 8-3-75 Pg-2]

·         When the destruction comes nearer, everyone will start searching for God. When the destruction takes place, the Creator should also be somewhere around. [Mu 17-5-69 Pg-1]

·         This is the same Mahabharata war. Certainly, the Father who teaches Raj Yoga will also be present. [Mu 7-3-76 Pg-3]

·         When the destruction begins you will also know the past history. [1-1-75, Pg-1]

·         The bloodshed was ignited from this Rudra Gyan Yagya (i.e. the auspicious fire of knowledge).            [Mu.25-2-73  Pg-4]

The is evidence that the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University has access to powerful means of destruction, they are using them right before the eyes of the world, they actively inspire people in big gatherings for the world destruction, they reveal in public that they want destruction, yet the world remains silent and thinks that they are peaceful Hindus or a New Age movement and allows them even to educate their children. Is it only an astonishing historical paradox or is it a thick net of Illusion covering the eyes of the people of the world who consider the organization Brahma Kumaris that since its very beginning has been dedicated to accomplish the world destruction  as trustworthy, safe and peaceful?

Here there is one evidence from the Avyakt Vanis, teachings narrated in front of the Brahma Kumaris in Mount Abu. “When and how was the flame of destruction ignited? Who became instruments [for that]? Was Shankar an instrument or were the creators of the yagya instruments? Ever since this Yagya [i.e. Rudra Gyan Yagya] was created for the purpose of establishment [of the new world], the flame of destruction was ignited from the Yagya Kund along with the task of establishment […] So, those who ignited the flame, not Shankar, must bring it to an end. The flame of destruction which was ignited has to be brought to an end only by reaching the volcanic stage of Shankar.” [Av.3-2-74 Pg-13]

This is a announcement of the world destruction repeated to the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in 1974, but no one apart from ShivBaba, the founder of Adhtyatmik Ishvariya Vishvavidyalaya, has noticed it and paid attention to it.

The Brahma Kumaris managed to hide the real history of the Rudra Gyan Yagya and change many historical facts as well as parts of the original teachings. They removed data concerning the potential founder of RGY, Dada Lekhraj’s business partner from Calcutta. Although there are personal accounts of those who remember the beginnings of the Rudra Gyan Yagya and the influence of so-called Bengali Guru whom Dada Lekhraj obeyed, seniors and leaders of the Brahma Kumaris deny that person ever existed. They announced Dada Lekhraj  as the founder and the teacher of the Yagya and spread the information of the external Anti Om Mandali Party. What is the real reason behind?

So far, only one teacher in the world has provided with a logical explanation on what is hidden behind the Brahma Kumaris. That teacher is ShivBaba. Based on the teachings contained in the preserved Sakar Murlis from 1965-69 and the Four Pictures of Knowledge, he proved already in 1976 that there were no evidences that Shiva entered Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba in 1936 and there was a person who guided Dada Lekhraj at that time. That person came from Calcutta and played the key role in the establishment of the Rudra Gyan Yagya. He was a teacher of the highest moral code and purity which was hated by many gathered around Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba at that time and that is why they opposed that person very much, rejected him and later on erased all the available information about him. Because of possible hatred towards him, they brought about clash and division within the Rudra Gyan Yagya. The real Anti Om Mandali moment was born within the RGY and was created by Brahma and the followers of Brahma Dada Lekhraj who ignited the flame of destruction at the very beginning of RGY and later on established the organization Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. BKWSU is a gathering of shaktis that is an instrument of the world destruction. Quite of lot of its members don’t like the original knowledge contained in the Sakar Murlis and they are ready to sacrifice the truth contained in them for temporary profits. In contradiction to the teachings contained in the Sakar Murlis that are meant for all the people of the world, the Brahma Kumaris organization announced themselves to be the exclusive owners of them, started editing them according to their current needs and teaching people the pseudo-Raja Yoga and the pseudo-Gita. Their claims to be Raja Yogis and teachers of Raja Yoga and the Gita remain contrary to what those teachings contain. They provide the public with false information on Raya Yoga, the Gita and the Trimurti Shiva. Because they are spiritually connected with all the religions of the world, finally they will create such a havoc in the world that they will bring about its spiritual and physical destruction. Their unsuppressed anger will be the driver of that destruction of the world.  And they will cause pain and sorrow to many.

ShivBaba is a spiritual teacher and, as he himself says, explains things from the unlimited point of view. Are there any tangible evidences that what he says is true and applies to the reality?  It seems that many evidences have been already presented in this article. In 2007 Brahma Kumar Kshushiram revealed to the public some secrets of the Anti Om Mandali movement that was created within the Rudra Gyan Yagya. He said in one of public interviews that Brahma Baba had a guru who guided him at the beginning of the Yagya; that guru was called ‘Bengali Guru’; he spoke a lot about purity and had an enormous spiritual power; because of that they [meaning Khushiram and the others from his group] were scared of him and opposed him fiercely.  The Avyakt Vani narrated to the Brahma Kumaris on 1.02.79 also mentioned Bengal as the place where the first chariot was found. Regarding the issue of Raja Yoga, there are many Sakar Murlis on it and none of them describes Raja Yoga as it is taught by the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. Moreover, the murli dated 10.03.1997 after the Brahma Kumaris’ editions circulated by them among their members also contains detailed description of what Raja Yoga is and that description is totally contradictory to what the Brahma Kumaris are teaching as so called Raja Yoga. It is also worthy of mentioning that institutions generally considered as world authorities in yoga, such as Yoga Council of India or International Federation of Yoga, do not confirm that practice of the drishti (glance) exchange among men and women widely taught by the Brahma Kumaris has something in common with Raja Yoga.

Interesting for the further research may be also comparing the Brahma Kumaris’ declared policy of removing poverty in the world with their teachings of destructions and their attitude towards possessions revealed in BK seniors’ lectures. On one side, the Brahma Kumaris declare that they work for eradication of poverty in the world. On the other side, they teach that destruction of the entire world is a must, so that the chosen ones, the Brahma Kumaris, could live in wealth, health and happiness. Regardless of what they claim, they evaluate the individual or group success through their material possessions. Here is a direct quotation from the BK senior lecture. It was delivered by BK Jayanti:  ‘I don’t see them content, I don’t see them happy, I don’t see them flourish in their own life and development, so I don’t see signs that I see in the dadis. Very interesting thing people said about BKs about 10 years ago when we first acquired the retreat center, ‘91 it was Global House and ‘93 it was this [BK Jayanti refers to the place where the lecture is conducted], so it happened very fast […] there are external manifestation that give indication that things are going in a right track.’

Finally, probably the most important issue, the issue of causing pain and sorrow, should be mentioned.  It may turn to be astonishing how the Brahma Kumaris speak about pain. Their messages are very well targeted. In one of her lectures  BK Jayanti underlines the need of pain. Referring to her own spiritual experience, she states firmly that people must experience pain in order to understand God. Quotation from the lecture: ‘[…] How can God reach these souls directly, because God isn’t reaching them. And they are not realizing themselves, so how can they ever know? And Baba [BK Jayanti refers to God] gave a very clear answer… And that was pain. When there is still the experience of pain and a pain comes as a signal that something is wrong and that pain should tell me that it is the ego of the intellect. At most times it does work like that. …. When a person is at least in the stage when they are ready to accept that the pain is an indicator that something is going on inside than they start sorting things out… I haven’t seen a person from the Shankar party closely enough to see if that pain reaches them and makes them understand, but certainly within the Brahmin family I have seen that pain has come because of the ego […]’ [20] From the comparative point of view, what BK Jayanti says about the need of pain, quoting the one whom she calls God, remains contrary to the Sakar Murlis and to the Avyakt Vanis. The author of this article hasn’t come across a statement that the pain is needed to understand God in the available teachings that the Brahma Kumaris are using. The Sakar Murlis especially and also  the Avyakt Vanis convey the message about the need of understanding through studying, not through experiencing pain. It is knowledge and recognition that liberate from pain and sorrow. In order to understand what BK Jayanti conveys in her lecture from the psychological point of view, one may have to go back to the theory of repression and theories related to it. Describing them here is far beyond the scope of the article.  For some reference, the reader may also use the publication Death Fantasy and Religious Transformation by Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi.

The Brahma Kumaris’ hidden deep desire of the world total destruction expressed by the them more and more often, combined with their conviction that people should experience pain in order to understand God, supported by their strong believe that it is God’s will that people should suffer and the only ones to be saved are the Brahma Kumaris, covered with their message of peace and love and backed by their world wide penetration and access to the means of destruction make a really explosive mixture. The holocaust of the II World War seems to be nothing compared to what may happen today, when the Brahma Kumaris take reins of the world in their hands which seems to be quite possible in the very near future. It should be recollected that Hitler, who is generally considered as one of the greatest slaughterers in the world history, was peacefully and legally elected and no one suspected that he could ever do what he did. The results of comparing Hitler’s social-engineering techniques and the methods he used in his speeches with the Brahma Kumaris’ communication strategy across the world may turn to be shocking.

June 2010

Focus One

For the contact with the researcher: inforpointgroup[at]gmail.com or +48 603257652

[1] The selection of direct sources documenting the beginnings of RGY available today to the public: 13 pages of classes from Karachi 1942; the Divine Decree 1942; the preserved Sakar Murlis (audio and prints); the Avyakt Vavnis (selected classes); Is It Justice by Om Radhe 1939; ‘Struggles and sorrows; the personal testimony of a chief justice’ by Hardayal Hardy 1984; selected articles in Gyan Amrit Magazine presenting personal testimonies; publications of AIVV, publications of BKIVV; archival articles of Daily Mirror and Daily Mail; records of the discussion between Om Radhe and judges in 1942.

[2] Autobiography of Nirmalshanta Dadi, published by BK, 2007.

[3] Gyan Amrit Magazine January 2007 contains the personal testimony of BK Khushiram about Bengali Guru who was Dada Lekhraj’s guru at the beginning of the RGY. The Avyakt Vani class dated 1.02.79 contains the information that the chariot (meaning the medium, the human body of the one who was supposed to be the medium) was found in Bengal.

[4] This group of sources should be divided into those before mid 1980-ties and after. After mid-1980-ties the Brahma Kumaris started removing the old data and replacing them with new ones complying with their official policy. More details are in the article ‘Behind the Curtain’, available in the Internet resources (http://knol.google.com/k/still-mind-project/behind-the-brahma-kumaris-curtain/aema7x4fthjy/3)

[5] The quality of available sources is disputable. Particularly alarming is popular nowadays practice in the Brahma Kumaris who change the content of the sources and change data revealed and popularized by them according to their current needs, without care of historical correctness.

[6] Materials gathered during the research conducted among the Brahma Kumaris in 2002-2009 contains personal  explicit statements of various members of the BK organization revealing their disdain towards all kinds of education and intellectual work. In her Autobiography published in 2007 BK Nirmalshanta gives a detailed description of her attitude towards education and her methods of corrupting teachers so that she could pass from one grade to another. She summarize that description with a statement that all that led to her position of world respected Raja Yogi that she holds nowadays.

[7] The Sakar Murlis contain points saying that there was a person who guided Dada Lekhraj at the beginning; that someone can become a chariot after 60 (Dada was app. 52-54 years old); that Dada Lekhraj was serving as a person to write down narrated classes. These points are not in the Sakar Murlis distributed nowadays by the Brahma Kumaris organization. Moreover, it should be remembered that the issue of ‘Shiva’s incarnation’ and the name Shiva weren’t known to the members of RGY till at least 1942. Few documents concerning RGY dated 1949 that are available do not contain the name ‘Shiva’ either. The fact that there was a powerful personality in RGY at the very beginning who guided Dada Lekhraj was also confirmed in personal testimonies, for example that of BK Khushiram in the Gyan Amrit Magazine.

[8] There are evidences that the Brahma Kumaris organization has been deleting those parts of the teachings contained in the Sakar Murlis that don’t correspond to their policy and understanding.  Besides this, they have shortened  the old classes. The old Sakar Murlis had 5-6 pages. Nowadays, the versions distributed by BK have 1-2 pages. There are also evidences that BK seniors have been removing parts of the Avyakt Vanis. The author of the research saw a comprehensive research conducted  by a student of AIVV from Bombay. He compared a number of old Avyakt Vanis with their recent editions published by the Brahma Kumaris and found remarkable changes and deletions of certain parts.

[9] The practice of falsifying the historical data has now become a practice in the Brahma Kumaris  organization. The issue of changing the date birth of Dada Lekhraj  was described in the article ‘Mysterious Birth of Dada Lekhraj’.

[10] The Brahma Kumaris organization claims that in 1936 Supreme Father Shiva entered Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba when Dada was 60, revealed the Knowledge of Shiva, Bhagavad Gita and established Brahma Kumaris. These information cannot be confirmed either on the basis of the teachings in the Sakar Murlis or on the basis of any other historical documents available at this moment. Dada Lekhraj was app. 54 in 1936 (sources: Hardayal Hardy, Struggles and sorrows; the personal testimony of a chief justice’ by Hardayal Hardy 1984; Om Radhe,  Is It Justice, 1939; the Gyan Amrit Magazine dated 1.02 1986). The Brahma Kumaris maintained that he was about 50 till mid-1980-ties. After then, they started changing the date of his birth and removed relevant points from the Sakar Murlis to prove that he was 60 in 1936, as it is the age of possible entrance of Shiva in the human body mendtioned in the Sakar Murli. The process of BK’s changing the date of birth was presented in short in the article ‘Mysterious Birth of Dada Lekhraj’ and is available in the Internet resourses (http://knol.google.com/k/still-mind-project/mysterious-birth-of-dada-lekhraj/aema7x4fthjy/2). Influencial Brahma Kumaris writer as BK Jagdish Chander published many books and articles in which they stated that Dada Lekhraj was 60 in 1936, but they didn’t provided with any evidence. Here it has to be emphasized that BK Jadgish Chander’s publications (e.g. Adi Dev), very often quoted by western researchers, have no academic backround or value. They contain many information contradictory to the historical documents. For instance the Author writes that Dada Lekhraj heard and pronounced the name Shiva in 1936, while the Decree from 1942, preserved classes from 1942 and the records of the discussion between Om Radhe and judges from 1942 provide with evidence that at least till that time the name Shiva was unknown in the Rudra Gyan Yagya. They also contain descriptions of the teachings contradictory to what is contained in the preserved Sakar Murlis 1965-69.

[11] The  Avyakt Vanis are classes narrated since 1969 till now in Mount Abu through the body of BK Gulzar. They are dedicated to dharna, the daily practice of assimilating divine qualities in life. They are different from the Sakar Murlis in terms of the content and language. Although the Brahma Kumaris maintain that the narrator of the Avyakt Vanis and the narrator of the Sakar Murlis is the same, they do not provide with any evidence. A thorough analysis of both types of classes provides with many evidences that the narrator can’t be the same. There are also points in the Sakar Murlis proving that the narrator of the Sakar Murlis is different from the narrator of the Avyakt Vanis.

[12] Shakti – this term literally means consorts of Shiva, but here it refers to the mothers and sisters who assist in the Rudra Gyan Yagya in the Confluence Age.

[13] In order to understand well the teachings about the ever rotating cycle that has always the same scenario, it is suggested the reader should refer to the Picture of the Wheel and teachings contained in the Sakar Murlis in their unadulterated versions.

[14] Presenting a review of evidences how the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University falsified the Sakar Murlis is beyond the capacity of this article. The results of research in this issue are available in a separate article.

[15] The author conducted a research covering a scope of topics. One of them was an analysis of publications related to the problem of the Brahma Kumaris.

[16] There have been revealed materials that for decades the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University has been working for the destruction of the world under the cover of spreading the Message of Peace.  Selection: http://www.brahmakumaris.info/; http://bkwsuwatch.com/; http://phoenixtimes.wordpress.com; http://propublicobono2.wordpress.com; http://bkwatchers.wordpress.com/

[17] Sources in May 2010: the information released by the organization Brahma Kumaris about their participation in economic, cultural , educational, religious  and political circles of the world (UN, UNICEF, http://www.bkun.org/ content in May 2010, Living Values Educational Program, TV and radio channels), about their supporters and VIPs from those circles.

[18] Lawrence Babb , John Wallis who wrote about the Brahma Kumaris do not refer to and do not analyze the original teachings of the Brahma Kumaris.

[19] There is an Avyakt Vani class narrated to the Brahma Kumaris in Mount Abu in 1976 which contains points  referring to the real meaning of the destruction in 1976.

[20] BK Jayanti, Ego of the  Intellect. The lecture delivered on 6.10.2004 and distributed since then.