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Polish Ambassador to India Spreads Adulteration in Bharat!

27 अप्रैल

From PR India Wire

World famous, regarded among academics and diplomats, honored and admired by Indian highest social circles professor Maria Christopher Byrski, an Orientalist, Indologist and former ambassador of Poland to India in 1990-1995  seriously violates code of conduct and spreads a false image of Poland and Europe in India.

Prof. Maria Christopher Byrski (Oriental Institute, Warsaw University) is a famous Orientalist, Indologist, eminent Sanskritist doing research in the field of Indian culture and especially in the field of Hinduism. He completed a PhD in ancient Indian history, culture and archeology from Banaras Hindu University, where he learned English. He is also described as a specialist of classical, folk and contemporary Indian theater hailing from a Polish family intimately involved with practical theater. He is a translator of famous Indian scriptures (e.g. the Manusmriti, the Kamasutra), author of commentaries (e.g. on the Bhagavad Gita), lecturer and member of various committees (e.g. Committee of Brotherhood), active participant of events promoting Poland in India (e.g. Festival of Poland in Bangalore). Among ordinary Polish people Byrski became known for his absolutely brilliant translation of Kamasutra, a story of fulfilling sexual desires. Today very few Poles recollect his name, but all know Kamasutra very well and seem to be crazy about it.

Byrski often repeats, ‘India is my “gurubhoomi” (the land that is my guide). It’s a composite civilization of many local cultures, and Europe too has a divergent culture.’ ‘ India and Europe are twin and parallel civilizations in terms of culture and language.’ These statements of Byrski show clearly that against many proofs in academic, scientific and spiritual  fields, he does not consider Europe as the offspring of India, but an independent land that developed its own culture and civilization in separation.

During the subtle Dvapar Yuga, right at its beginning, Byrski came to India as an ambassador and at that time he visited various spiritual gatherings, also  the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University. He was invited by BK Kumarka, a personality described in the literature concerning the Brahma Kumaris and its teachings as an Islamic root-soul, serving in the cycle of the human drama as an instrument to Abraham (A-Braham, a religious father who acts against the true Brahmins, meaning those who observe the highest purity) in his spreading adulteration corruption and lust in Bharat and bringing about its division. Polish BK center and Director BK Halina Paradela must have been involved too, due to the system of hierarchy prevailing in the Brahma Kumaris.

Prof. M. K. Byrski

B.K. Kumarka

In his statement about his connections with the Brahma Kumaris, Byrski proved that he didn’t follow the code of conduct required in the Brahma Kumaris Headquarters and appeared there as a worldly guru, ambassador and teacher, while the law established for all the visitors of that place states that they may only come there as children, servants or students after a full recognition and acceptance of the role of Shiva in Brahma among the Brahmins and after a pledge of following purity. Besides, Byrski delivered a lecture there, addressing several hundred people in their native tongue telling them not about  things related to the essence of Knowledge taught there, which is required in the Brahmin law, but about friendship that Poland entertains towards India.

Byrski is well-known for this kind of activities. For decades he has been engaged in spreading an idealized non-existing image of today’s Poland in India (e.g. as it happened during the Festival of Poland in Bangalore 2009), an idealized non-existing image of today’s India in Poland (during his lectures, official meetings and others), a non-existing image of so-called dharma (during his lectures in Brahma Kumaris in Poland, facts that he hides from the public) and non-existing image of mutual relationships between Poland and India. There is no confirmation of what Byrski says about contemporary social phenomena in India and Poland in any available modern social studies, surveys and polls.

Polish people tend to consider Indians as dirty, corrupt, lazy, not disciplined, noisy, uncivilized  people. Their first associations with India are: slums, leprosy, rats, people peeing in streets, terrible poverty and incredible dirt, Gandhi, Bollywood and some resorts. Very few mention Indian heritage, museums, temples and so on. Most of those who speak about Indian culture and history are academics or students whose activities are connected with India. They are very few in Polish society. No one among professional sociologists, contemporary market researchers would probably agree that Polish people are really friendly towards Indian people. There is no proof of this in any contemporary research. There are rather proofs of something opposite. Contemporary Polish people are well described as intolerant and xenophobic.

Similarly, there is no confirmation of the image of Poland popularized by him in India in any social strategic national surveys both in Poland and in India. For instance, during the festival in Bangalore, Poland was described: “Poland is the most vibrant country in Europe. This festival will bring together noted persons in art from that country.” [writer and organizer of the event Akumal Ramachander]. This is completely false. Poland is spiritually, politically and culturally dead. It has been a source of tension in European Union for many years as a result of activities of Kaczynski’s tandem. So-called ‘real intelligentsia’ occupies only 7% or less of Polish society. Poland is a dirty degraded country obsessed with alcohol, meat and sex. Pornography is omnipresent, even in computers of central libraries or most prominent universities. Houses of ordinary Poles are veritable brothels, where pornographic TV programs are watched without shame in presence of children, where sexual abuses have become a law. Pupils and students are obsessed with sex. 14-year old girls take a break during their daily school routine and go to hotels in order to gain some money by selling their bodies to elder men. The Catholic Church has become completely corrupt. They are well described for their pedophilia, stealing, money laundry and other crimes. The political circles fail in following basic morals and even criminals become politicians supported by the society. Students seem to be unable to study any more. They can’t concentrate their mind, analyze topics and come to basic conclusions. Very often they have to study, work and rear their children at the same time. Teachers seem to be unable to teach any more. They keep repeating their old stories and fail to notice social changes that are taking place right in front of their eyes. Both students and teachers complain about each others and even hate each others. The work in companies and firms has become hellish. Many contemporary marketers are saying that competition, tension, mobbing and discrimination have increased significantly during last 10 years transforming their places of work into places of violence.

Professor M. K. Byrski is definitely not the only person who spreads falsehood in India. As a famous academic and diplomat he is a very good example proving what is happening in the circles he represents. His status in India shows how powerful foreigners are in this country. Apart from this, Byrski is also a living proof that those who are supposed to be trustees of knowledge and wisdom have become trustees of ignorance, completely blind to contemporary social processes. It is difficult to say whether professor Byrski is aware of what he did while fulfilling his duties as an ambassador, before and after that, but the course of time will certainly help him to settle his accounts.

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