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Perfect Fraud

29 अक्टूबर

From the Brahma Kumaris hidden files. Revealed by Brahma Kumaris Info


The Subject of the Case: The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

Reason of the Case:

The Subject in question is suspected of various intellectual and financial frauds on the international level, violating copyrights, falsifying the history of the organization in order to promote their brand in the world markets, using illegally the name “university”, using illegally the name “raja yoga”, violating the rules of educational service, charity service and pro bono service, squandering public money, using means of mental violence (such as pseudo bio-therapy, pseudo  psychological therapy, reprimanding people in public, public interrogations), deliberate misinformation, various adulteration and manipulation (such as deliberate changes in teachings and meanings), manipulation of the names of famous scholars and academics, manipulation of images of celebrities, manipulation of images and names of international government and non-government organizations such as United Nations, UNESCO, UNICEF, US Army and others, manipulation of Indian image and Indian heritage, manipulation of images of world presidents (President of India, President of Poland and other politicians of the world stage), illegal trade in real estates. Moreover, the organization is spreading corrupt teachings and practices of cult and magic.


  • The official name of the Subject advertised in media is “The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University”
  • The official mission statement of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University:

o         ‘[BKWSU] acknowledges the intrinsic goodness of all people. We teach a practical method of meditation that helps individuals understand their inner strengths and values. A worldwide family of individuals from all walks of life, we are committed to spiritual growth and personal transformation, believing them essential in creating a peaceful and just world. Acknowledging the challenges of rapid global change, we nurture the well-being of the entire human family by promoting spiritual understanding, leadership with integrity and elevated actions towards a better world.’[1] ‘We align ourselves in particular with the tenet contained in the Preamble to the Charter of the United Nations: “…to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person…”

  • Official status of the Organization:

o         The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University is a registered trader. Its registration status  depends on the country. The field/branch of registration also depends on the country, but the common feature is that in all countries they are registered on at least few social levels as the same transactor and legal entity many times.

  • The structure of registration of the Brahma Kumaris as the same transactor and legal entity:

§          On the first level the same transactor and legal entity claming to be one Wordl Family as well as one Brahmin Family is “registered” as the World Spiritual University Brahma Kumaris Mount Abu National Coordinating Office; International Headquarters Pandav Bhawan Post Box No 2 Mount Abu 307501 Rajasthan, BK Janki Chief Administrator since 2007 till now.

  • This Subject was entrusted with the mission to communicate to all the human beings the Message of the Trimurti Shiva, meaning the Supreme Father Shiva (Benevolent) who comes to the human world once in cycle and reveals himself before the human beings through the Three murti (body of a human being): Brahma, Shankar, Vishnu. The Subject was told to do it at the lowest costs bearing in mind that the world is on the edge of financial, economic and spiritual bankruptcy, and poverty, suffering and distress are increasing in the world day by day. The content of the Message in the only language of the Brahmin Family is in appendix 1. For versions in other languages see  appendix 2, appendix 3 and appendix 4.
  • The aim of the Supreme Father’s coming is contained in his mission statement communicated to the Subject in question in the period 1947-1969 January 18th and this is its essence: relieve poverty, mental and physical sickness and distress that are disturbing every human being at the end of the cycle.

§          On the second level the same transactor and legal entity is “registered” as  a Company Prajapita Brahmakumaris World Renewal Trust. Contact Person:  Mr. BK Karunaji, Telephone: +(91)-(79)-25324360 Mobile / Cell Phone:+(91)-9999344555. Place: Shantivan Complex, Talheti, Shihory, Abu Road, Rajasthan – 307 510 (India). The status and mission of this organization is in appendix 5.

§          On the third level the same transactor and legal entity is “registered” as a non-governmental, non-political, religious organization in United Kingdom, established in 1975. The charity was constituted under a trust deed dated 18th July 1975, with various amendments and the latest being 19th March 1998. It is registered as a charity with the Charity Commission. The Trustees define the charity’s object as being:

  • To promote the advancement of the Hindu Religion in other religions of the world
  • To promote the advancement of education by educational courses, programmes and projects and studies of and research in the field of Hindu Religious Philosophy and Yoga (various techniques of concentration as defined and discussed in the Hindu Scriptures) and to make known the results of such studies and research.
  • To relieve poverty, mental and physical sickness and distress.

o         For more details about activities of the Charity Commission see appendix 6.

§          On the fourth level the same transactor and legal entity is “registered” as the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University UK 65 Pound Lane London NW10 2HH, United Kingdom 020 8727 3350, BK Jayanti Director for Europe.

§          On the fifth level the same transactor and legal entity is “registered” as the Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre, Global Museum, Maua Close, Westlands, PO Box 123 00606 Nairobi; BK Vedanti Director for Africa.

§          On the sixth level the same transactor and legal entity is “registered” as the Regional Office for Australia and South East Asia 78 Alt Street Ashfield NSW 2131 Sydney Australia Regional Office for North, Central and South America and the Caribbean Global Harmony House 46 S. Middle Neck Road Great Neck, NY 11021 United States

§          On the seventh level the same transactor and legal entity is “registered” as the Regional Office for Russia, CIS and Baltic Countries 2 Gospitalnaya Ploschad build.1 Moscow – 111020 Russia. Contact: BK Dana Konyakova.

§          On the eighth level the same transactor and legal entity is registered as Światowy Uniwersytet Duchowy Brahma Kumaris w Polsce; osoba kierująca Halina Paradela; woj. Mazowieckie 02-128 Warszawa, ul. Jasielska 1; 15-01-1990, pozycja na liście 21, numer w rejestrze 22.

§          On the ninth level the children and at the same time students of the same transactor and legal entity are independent registered traders or are employees. Few examples: BK Mike George, BK Roger Cole, BK Brian Bacon, BK Beata Niemczuk, BK Iwona Kołakowska, BK Joanna Rękawek. BK Karuna as PR and Communication  Director in BKWSU is responsible for all details concerning them. Being independent traders or employees they have taxes, insurance fees paid by their firms and receive other privileges and benefits of being a part of the world financial and insurance system.

§          On the tenth level selected members of the same transactor and legal entity have their insurance paid by governments as a form of remuneration for their work in the Organization in question that is the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization.

§          On the eleventh level the same transactor and legal entity is supported by such undertakings as Dadi Janki Foundation, Images and Voices of Hope, The Global Hospital and Research Center, the United Nations. A wider selection of supporters was publish by an independent group of researchers Makoto PR Japan and is available through the Internet. The copy of the page is in appendix 7.

§          There are many more levels and extensions of the organization. Some of them are in hierarchy, some work like parallels.

  • Penetration of the organization in the world society:

o         Official documents published by the Brahma Kumaris state that the University has 825 000 students and over 8 500 raja yoga centers in 100 countries.[2]

o         Public organizations and independent researchers state that the Brahma Kumaris either might be hiding some data or they might be violating the law of the honest marketing communication, because in media they are building the image of an organization that is omnipresent. Please see appendix 8.

This leads to


Organizing an international Commission of experts in law, insurance, charity, business in order to:

1.        Evaluate costs of sustenance of the main structure of the Subject plus its extensions in the form of global retreat houses, hotels and others (like for example Brahma Kumaris GRC Oxford).

2.        Check the legal aspects of the multileveled registration of one and the same Subject and its consequences (legal, financial and others). In fact, according to the Subject’s internal law, the Subject should be centralized and “registered” in only one place that is Mount Abu. For details about the internal law of the Subject in question the Commission and Judges may contact researchers and students. Their addresses and telephone numbers are available through the author of this research.

3.        Check how the Subject’s mission statement and aims correspond with the Supreme Father’s mission statement. The aim of the Supreme Father’s coming is contained in his mission statement communicated to the Subject in question in the period 1947-1969 January 18th and this is its essence: relieve poverty, mental and physical sickness and distress that are disturbing every human being at the end of the cycle.

4.        Check how the Subject’s mission statement corresponds with the task entrusted to the Subject by the Supreme Father:

a.       The Subject was entrusted with the mission of communicating to all the human beings the Message of the Trimurti Shiva, meaning the Supreme Father Shiva (Benevolent) who comes to the human world once in cycle and reveals himself before the human beings  through the three murti (body of a human being): Brahma, Shankar, Vishnu. The Subject was told to do it at the lowest costs bearing in mind that the world is on the edge of financial, economic and spiritual bankruptcy and poverty, suffering and distress are increasing in the world day by day. The content of the Message in the Brahmin Family’s only language is in appendix 1. For versions in other languages see  appendix 2, appendix 3 and appendix 4.

5.        Check how the task that the Subject was entrusted with was carried out by the Subject in question.

a.       Did the Subject understand the Task and the Message itself?

b.       Did the Subject communicate the Message to the entire world?

c.        Did the Subject observe the order to decrease costs as much as possible?

d.       Did the Subject observe the human law of marketing communication, business fair play, care of the consumer in order to provide him with the true information?

This leads to


Organizing an international Commission of experts in Marketing Communication and PR  and Marketing Research in order to:

1.        Evaluate  the strategy of communication that the Subject developed and implemented to carry out the task, from a neutral and professional point of view.

2.        Evaluate the Public Relation Strategy that the Subject developed and implemented to carry out the task, from a neutral and professional point of view.

3.        Evaluate the tools and tactics that the Subject developed and implemented to carry out the task, from a neutral and professional point of view.

4.        Carry out a worldwide survey/ research,  in both qualitative and quantitative forms, in order to verify the level of rich and penetration of the Message in the world:

a.       The Message that the Subject should have communicated is: The Trimurti Shiva, meaning the Supreme Father Shiva (Benevolent) who comes to the human world once in cycle and reveals himself before the human beings  through the three murti (body of a human being): Brahma, Shankar, Vishnu. The Subject in question was told to do it at the lowest costs bearing in mind that the world is on the edge of financial, economic and spiritual bankruptcy and poverty, suffering and distress are increasing in the world day by day. The content of the Message in the Brahmin Family’s only language is in appendix 1. For versions in other languages see  appendix 2, appendix 3 and appendix 4.

5.        Evaluate the results of the strategy implementation achieved by the Subject. Four variables seem to be the most important: spontaneous awareness of the Name and Situation, prompt awareness of the Name and Situation, clarity of the communicated message Name and Situation and how deeply people understood it.

a.       The Message that the Subject should have communicated is: The Trimurti Shiva, meaning the Supreme Soul Shiva (Benevolent) who comes to the human world once in cycle and reveals himself before the human beings  through the three murti (body of a human being): Brahma, Shankar, Vishnu. The Subject in question was told to do it at the lowest costs bearing in mind that the world is on the edge of financial, economic and spiritual bankruptcy and poverty, suffering and distress are increasing in the world day by day. The content of the Message in the Brahmin Family’s only language is in appendix 1. For versions in other languages see  appendix 2, appendix 3 and appendix 4.

b.       The Name is “ShivBaba”.

c.        The Situation is “3rd World War” leading to Destruction.

6.        Compare the results of the survey/research with the results published in  Vargikaran Strategy . The essence of the Strategy is in appendix 9. Appendix 10 contains an additional proof.

a.       Three variables seem to be the most important in the evaluation of the Vargikaran Strategy:

i.      Correctness of the authors’ analytical process

ii.      Correctness of the authors’ strategic thinking

iii.      Correctness of the authors’ evaluation of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University along with their activities

This leads to


In order to find out the right answer to the question above, one needs to answer the following question:

Did Dada Lekhraj/Brahma Baba die deliberately as a raja yogi or  did he die ?

In order to find the definite answer to this question the following actions are needed:

1.        A thorough study of appendix 11 and appendix 12.

a.       A professional translation by   a Sworn Translator of Hindi will be required.

2.        A thorough and deep psychoanalysis of the text by a professional psychologist.

3.        Verification of the results of the work mentioned above with results of a preliminary analysis of the personal account of BK Vishva Ratan placed below.

Preliminary analysis of the personal account of BK Vishva Ratan (appendix 11 and 12)

Based on BK Vishva Ratan’s description of what happened on 18th January 1969 and few days before that day, one can ask a question, why a person who was supposed to be the most experienced  Raja Yogi, meaning Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba, suddenly failed in fulfilling his everyday duties? A raja yogi is a person in the stage of being always ekras, without any disturbance, perfectly peaceful regardless of circumstances, even at the moment of death that in turn should be a deliberate death. Unlike an ordinary human being, a raja yogi deliberately acts or deliberately performs, but never reacts.

Brahma Baba didn’t appear in the class in the morning. It may mean that something happened at night. That was so powerful and overwhelming that even allegedly the most prominent raja yoga student at that time, meaning Dada Lekhraj Brahma Baba, turned to be unable to accommodate it. It is possible that he was in deep sorrow and pain as it is typical for people in overwhelming sorrow to suddenly stop doing what they have been doing and renounce all their responsibilities. Something must have destroyed his mental balance completely and he couldn’t regain it any more. The words pronounced after the evening class “accha ab chutti” may mean that he gave up and accepted his defeat in some kind of struggle.  It could have been his internal struggle as well as a struggle with powerful negative vibrations sent to him by someone else.  An interesting thing is that BK Vishva Ratan doesn’t mention that the children in the yagya tried to help him in some way. in Indian tradition the true relationship between the Master and the his disciple is very emotional and affectionate. This is something that the West may not understand, but the Master becomes for the disciple his mother, father, teacher, guide – really everything. Love for the Master doesn’t allow the disciple to remain indifferent when he sees that his Master may be troubled even a bit or his life may be in danger. The true disciple is ready to sacrifice himself for the Master. One can find many proofs of this in Indian stories. There are also living proofs.

Now, the question arises, why those who were around Brahma Baba at that time and who were mentioned by Brahma Baba himself many times as his most beloved children, are not described in BK Ratan’s account as loving children. One can learn from his account that all remained  indifferent and blind to what was happening. They even spoke to Brahma Baba without proper respect and care on that day. After all, something really unusual happened, something unplanned. It wasn’t a question of a long disease, when environment gradually gets  used to the situation.  The sentence: “… to dadiji ne baabaa ko kahaa ki baabaa, aaj aapkii tabiyat thiik nahiin hai isliye aaj aap aaraam karo, ham klas karaa lenge” is full of meanings. “Dadiji” is said about BK Kumarka, Brahma Baba’s dearest and most respected student and child.  Here, she was described by BK Vishva Ratan as the one giving orders to Brahma Baba. BK Ratan wrote: “baabaa ko kahaa”; he didn’t wrote “baabaa se kahaa”. Usually, in Hindi “kisi ko kahnaa” means “to order someone to do something”, while “kisi se kahnaa” means simply “tell someone something”.  Then, BK Kumarka says to Brahma Baba “aap aaraam karo”. It is strange, because a well-educated child or student would rather say „aap aaraam kijiye” or even more polite: “aap aaraam kijiyegaa”. This is how a student and a child should address the Master in Hindi. The form “karo” is less polite, without respect and  is used towards someone younger or of a lower position. Moreover, the expression “aap karo” is grammatically incorrect.  Then, BK Kumarka says: “ham karaa lenge”. She doesn’t say “ham bacce kar lenge” or “ham bacce/ham log karenge”. The difference between the first usage of “ham” and the second usage of “ham” is enormous. The first “ham” may mean both “I” and “we”, both in singular and plural. The second means only “we” in plural. It is nothing wrong to say to the Master “ham” about oneself. However, in the context BK Kumarka used it “ham karaa lenge”, it becomes pluralis majesticus, the form which is used by kings towards their subjects. What is the real reason of BK Kumarka’s possessive and authoritarian tone and attitude toward Brahma Baba?  The entire sentence, quoted by BK Ratan with such accuracy expresses rather cold emotions. Even Ravan in the Ramayana is able to use a more polite and more emotional language.


It is also strange that it was Baba himself who asked for calling a doctor. The idea that it might be good to call a good doctor earlier and ask him to stay with Brahma Baba for some time didn’t come across the children’s mind. They called a doctor only after being asked to do it and they called a “horse doctor” who was unable to make an injection. It was BK Vishva Ratan who made an injection, while BK Kumarka was holding Brahma Baba’s hand.


Since the beginning till the end people around Brahma Baba didn’t act with accuracy. They displayed total disregard for time and circumstances. The person who was sent to call the doctor, allowed the doctor to drink tea first, although he knew that Brahma Baba’s stage was very serious. After all, Indian people are known for their ability to spend hours on drinking one tea. Behavior of the children at home seems to be disorganized. It is typical for Indian people to disrespect time and circumstances, neglect indications that something serious may happen soon, and when it happens, most of them display some kind of shock, lack of discipline, chaotic running around, inability to communicate correctly with each other and create a reasonable plan of action. Quite often, when something serious happens, they simply fall in stupor, stand and gaze. These behaviors are described in BK Vishva Ratan’s account.  The question why they behaved like this is still open? There may be few answers:

1. they were innocent and completely unaware of what was really happening in front of their eyes;

2. they were so stressed and depressed that they were unable to act properly;

3. they did it deliberately.


If answer number 1 or 2 are correct, they can’t be called “raja yoga students” or “raja yoga adepts”. Experienced adepts of raja yoga can’t behave like this. Those whose were mentioned in the account were supposed to be “experienced raja yoga students”. If answer 3 is correct, a question about their motives arises. If there are other possible answers, judges and members of commissions will definitely ask.


Next question is, what was the direct cause of Brahma Baba’s death?

1. He had a heart attack.

a. Description of his behavior at that day are similar to the behavior of a patient who is about to have a heart attack.

b. He was given injections of coramin. Coramin is produced from the cattle and pig cardiac muscle. It is a nucleoprotein complex, which acts selectively on cardiac cells promoting the recovery of cardiac functions and increasing cardiac resistance to ischemic disease and tolerance to physical loads.

2. He had been suffering from some of important risk factors: cardiovascular disease, older age, tobacco smoking, high blood levels of certain lipids (triglycerides, low-density lipoprotein) and low levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL), diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, chronic kidney disease, heart failure.

3.        He consumed alcohol excessively, abused certain drugs (such as cocaine and methamphetamine).

4.        He had been suffering from chronic high stress.

If even one of answers 2, 3, 4  is correct, Brahma Baba can’t be considered as a Raja Yogi even on a basic level.  If answer 1 is  correct, there is another question. Why did a raja yogi has a heart attact?

1.        The first possible answers is in the Hindi-English:

a.       “Mostly the mothers are such that – just as Brahma believed his children and the children secretly established the World Renewal Trust. They got the property of the entire yagya registered in their name, or in the names of their accomplices and companions and Brahma did not come to know of it at all. He continued to have faith on them till the end. And when he came to know that – Arey! These children have turned out to be very fraudulent children, he left his body; he had a heart attack.”  This should be verified against appendix 5.

2.        The second possible answer:

a.       BK Kumarka, BK Janki, BK Gulzar, BK Ramesh, BK Jagdish and some others violated the divine law established and narrated to the Brahma Kumaris through Brahma Baba’s mouth by the Supreme Father Shiva who in the period of 1947 (?)-1969 incarnated in the human world (according to the information contained in the Sakar Murlis). They did it by establishing the World Renewal Trust and registering it in their names. They were fully aware of what they were doing and that the law didn’t allow to do it. That is why they hid everything. They didn’t ask Brahma Baba for permission as they knew that he would not allow them to do it. When they committed this crime (theft, deceit, breaking rules), they couldn’t behave naturally as they did previously in their contacts with Brahma Baba. They couldn’t look at Brahma Baba’s eyes, who was an embodiment of love, tolerance and honesty. They were unable to meet the Supreme Father Shiva through his eyes. This behavior is well described in psychology and is typical for liars, deceivers, dishonest people who have started committing this kind of wrongdoing. At the initial stage of their crime, they often say something or behave in such a way that an experienced person (Brahma Baba was definitely an experienced elder man) can easily find out that they lie and the truth is indentified. Usually with the course of time, liars or deceivers become indifferent. So, on one hand Brahma Baba came to know what happened and the awareness of this fact killed him. On the other hand, there was a group of Brahma Baba’s beloved children who wanted him to die as soon as possible, so they were unable to look at his eyes anymore.

3.        The third possible answer is in the Case “Perfect Crime”. See the attached CD.

If by chance three answers are equally correct and valid in this case, the entire case of the Brahma Kumaris may turn to be a precedence in the story of  vampires.

Vampires are mythological or folkloric beings who subsist by feeding on the life essence (generally in the form of blood) of living creatures, regardless of whether they are undead or a living person. Although vampiric entities have been recorded in many cultures and according to speculation by literary historian Brian Frost that the “belief in vampires and bloodsucking demons is as old as man himself”, and may go back to “prehistoric times”, the term vampire was not popularized until the early 18th century, after an influx of vampire superstition into Western Europe from areas where vampire legends were frequent, such as the Balkans and Eastern Europe, although local variants were also known by different names, such as vampir (вампир) in Serbia and Bulgaria, vrykolakas in Greece and strigoi in Romania. This increased level of vampire superstition in Europe led to mass hysteria and in some cases resulted in corpses actually being staked and people being accused of vampirism. In case of the Brahma Kumaris it is the question of drinking the blood of thoughts.

In order to understand the marketing and spiritual dimensions of the Brahma Kumaris phenomena, the contact with  Shri Shri 108 Jagad Guru Gyan Surya Gyan Sagar Shivbaba is suggested. He is available through Linked In . All his contact data are there. LinkedIn is a professional network of trusted contacts that gives an advantage in personal career, and is one of the most valuable assets of today’s businessmen. LinkedIn exists to help people make better use of their professional network and help the people they trust in return. The mission of LinkedIn is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. The creators of LinkedIn believe that in a global connected economy, man’s success as a professional and his competitiveness as a company depends upon faster access to insight and resources he can trust.

The question that definitely should be asked the Honorable Teacher directly is:

Have the Brahma Kumaris ever agreed with Him the  anything concerning copyrights? They claim that they own exclusive rights to ShivBaba’s teachings. If the answer is “No, they haven’t”, the case of the Brahma Kumaris may turn to be a crime greater than any other in the human history, because their entire business turns to be completely illegal and they have no rights to teach the Shrimat Bhagavad Gita and Raja Yoga, the two subjects that they claim to teach across the world. They announce in public that they are owners of the entire teachings of the Shrimat Bhagavad Gita and based on their copyrights they adulterated it, deleted many parts of it, added many parts of it. An initial set of documents proving additions, deletions, manipulations in the sakar murlis has been attached to the Case Perfect Crime.

In order to receive an extend study on Brahma Kumaris’ additions, deletions in the Shrimat Bhagavad Gita narrated in the Confluence Age (meaning Sakar Murlis) and The Avyakt Vanis a contact with a PBK student from Bombay is suggested via: Delhi -10085.  House No. 351/352, Block A, Phase-I, Vijayvihar, (Near Sector-5 Rohini)Telephone:  011-27044227, 098913700107 India e-mail:  That students prepared an extensive comparison of old Avyakt Vanis with their later versions published by BK.

In order to find out the true information about the Shrimat Bhagavad Gita, two personalities should be invited to an official meeting. The first is Shri Shri 108 Jagad Guru Gyan Surya Gyan Sagar ShivBaba, the most prominent Teacher of the true Shrimat Bhagavad Gita of the Confluence Age that is narrated in Hindi in the Confluence Age. The Truth contained in the Shrimat Bhadavad Gita of the Confluence Age should be compared with the Shrimat Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit. An expert in Sankrit Gita will be required.

Then,  the concept of raja yoga should be verified in a public meeting. In order to do this,  two personalities should be invited to an official meeting. The first is the above mentioned teacher. The second one could be Mr Gautam Sarkar Hon. Secretary of International Yoga Federation for all India; Yoga Council of India Member of International Yoga Federation; S-1 ; B-234 Ramprastha Colony (near Delhi); Ghaziabad; U.P. 201011 (India) Phone 00 -91-9868947448 e-mail: It is also suggested to verify the short statement given here: ‘Raja Yoga has nothing to do with looking at the eyes of another human being’ and the content of appendix 13.

After passing through the entire process, it is suggested that all should go back to the mission statement of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University quoted at the very beginning and verify results of the Case with Brahma Kumaris’ mission statement and aims of their activities. Then, verify whether the statements below are correct:

1.        The true Family doesn’t need to be registered even once in order to be able to exist and spread the Spiritual Message free of costs.

2.       The Brahma Kumaris have no rights to teach the Shrimat Bhagavad Gita.

3.       The Brahma Kumaris have no rights to teach Raja Yoga.

4.       The Brahma Kumaris have no rights to use the names ‘Gita’, ‘Bhagavad Gita’, ‘yoga’, ‘hatha yoga’, ‘raja yoga’, ‘university’.

5.       Everything that the Brahma Kumaris were suspected (see the beginning of the document) of turns to be facts and may be classified as crime.

Everything presented above lead to the question


The answer is in the Case Perfect Crime and it is called:

Denying  the most prominent Father, Teacher and Guide of the world –

Shri Shri 108 Jagad Guru Gyan Surya Gyan Sagar ShivBaba –

the basic human rights.

Human rights – definition

Fundamental rights which humans have by the fact of being human, and which are neither created nor can be abrogated by any government. Supported by several international conventions and treaties (such as the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human rights in 1948), these include cultural, economic, and political rights, such as right to life, liberty, education and equality before law, and right of association, belief, free speech, information, religion, movement, and nationality. The US Declaration of Rights in 1776 proclaims that “All men are by nature equally free and independent and have certain inherent natural rights of which when they enter a society they cannot by an compact deprive or divest their posterity.” Called also fundamental rights.

For decades, the Brahma Kumaris have been spreading the false information in the world that God the Father comes in Mount Abu into the body of Dadi Gulzar, that God the Father acts through various Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, that God the Father acts  through the Trinity: BK Prakashmani, BK Gulzar, BK Janki; that God the Father is an invisible point of light suspended in vacuum, that Brahma Baba is the Corporeal Form of God the Father, that Brahma Baba is the Father of the Humanity, that BK Kumarka is the Mother of the World. At the same time the Brahma Kumaris have been repeatedly attempting to defame, accuse, erase and kill Shri Shri 108 Jagad Guru Gyan Surya Gyan Sagar ShivBaba.

[2] “Brahma Kumaris Administration”. BKWSU. Retrieved 2007-08-10. “Present statistics indicate that the University has 825,000 students and over 8,500 centers in 100 countries and territories.”


महा नाटक

10 अप्रैल

जैसे कोई ड्रामा है, वैसे ही यह भी ड्रामा है, लेकिन वे हद के ड्रामा होते हैं और यह तुम्हारा ५००० वर्षों का बेहद का ड्रामा है|” [शिवबाबा]

सन १९३६-३७, शुरू में कलकत्ता फिर सिंध हैदराबाद में एक आध्यात्मिक विद्यालय सूक्ष्म रूप से निकला जो आज आध्यात्मिक ईश्वरीय विश्वविद्यालय कहा जाता है|  इस विद्यालय में ज्ञान में आधुनिक लोगों के प्रति महत्वपूर्ण बातें सरल और निश्चित रूप से स्पष्टीकरण की जाती हैं – जैसे मनुष्य का स्वभाव, उसका भगवान से सम्बन्ध, सृष्टि का आदि-माध्यम-अंत, विभिन धर्मों की उत्त्पति, धार्मिक शास्त्रों का सार आदि | जिनको यह ज्ञान मिला, उन लोगों में से कुछ ही लोग ऐसे नहीं हैं जो प्रभावित नहीं हो पाए | इस ज्ञान की वजह से कुछ लोग अपने जीवन में अमूल्य मोड़ का अबुभाव करते हैं, कुछ इस ज्ञान को साधारण तर्क से विपरीत समझते हैं और कुछ ऐसे भी हैं जो तथ्य तथा शास्त्र को लेकर इसको सच्चा या झूठा साबित करने की कोशीश करते हैं | फिर भी एक विषय में इन सबकी सहमति है कि यह ज्ञान नया है | यह मनुष्य को नया दृष्टिकोण प्रदान करता है, धार्मिक बातों में नया परिप्रेक्ष को लाता है, अलग-अलग धर्मों में लड़ाइयों को अर्थहीन साबित कर देता है | जिनको लेकर कई धर्म आपस में विवाद करते रहते हैं, वेही इस ज्ञान का दाता हैं | वे परंपिता शिव हैं जिन्होंने हर कल्प चक्र मुआफिक सन १९३६ में कलकत्ते में मनुष्य आत्माओं के पिता के तन में प्रवेश किया | आज तक शिवबाबा मनुष्यों को अपना ज्ञान देते रहते हैं जिसमें सृष्टि का इतिहास सुनाते हैं, इस मनुष्य नाटक का परिदृश्य (सिनेरीओ) जिसमें सभी को चाहते या न चाहते हुए भी शाश्वत रूप से भाग लेना ही है |

सृष्टि चक्र
“ऐक्यरट बना-बनाया ड्रामा है | यह सृष्टि भी चार भागों में बनती हुई है, इसमें एक सेकेण्ड भी कम ज्यादा नहीं हो सकता |” [शिवबाबा]

सृष्टि चक्र अर्थात सृष्टि के इतिहास के ५००० साल हैं | यह एक प्रकार का नाटक है जिसका परिदृश्य  हर ५००० सालों में चक्कर लगाता रहता है | इस चक्कर का न आदि न अंत है | यह बड़ा नाटक निर्दिष्ट, अचूक (ऐक्यरट), उचित और सभी के लिए कल्याणकारी है | निर्दिष्ट अर्थात उसका हर एक ब्यौरा (डिटैल ) हर चक्र में अपने-अपने समय पर दोहराता है | मनुष्य जिनका जन्म हुआ है उनका जन्म फिर से अगले चक्र में बिलकुल वैसी ही परिस्थितियों में होगा, सुख जिसका अनुभाव हुआ है फिर दोहराएगा, युद्ध जो किये हुए हैं फिर से होंगे और जो अभी बैटकर ये शब्द पढ़ रहा है वह अगले चक्र के इसी समय में ठीक यही कार्य कर रहा होगा | अचूक अर्थात नाटक का हर दृश्य सही जगह पर है | बाह्य से अव्यवस्थित प्रतीत होते हुए भी सम्पूर्ण व्यवस्था में है और कुछ भी बिना कारण के अपने समय से पहले, विलम्ब से  या व्यर्थ ही नहीं हो सकता | सब कुछ तब होता है, जब वह होना है, भले ही भिन्न-भिन्न आत्मारूपी अभिनेताओं को कुछ अलग लगता होगा | उचित अर्थात इस नाटक का हर आत्मारूपी अभिनेता सुख का और दुःख का अनुभाव करता है | हर किसी के अनुभाव अपनी क्षमते के मुताबिक होते हैं | कल्याणकारी अर्थात जो कुछ भी नाटक में होता है वह लाभदायक है, उसका अनुकूल (फेवरबल) अंत होता है और हर एक को वही मिलता है जिसके लिए वह व्यवहारिक रूप से पुरुषार्थ करता है |

नाटक का परिदृश्य
बेहद के नाटक के चार अंक होते हैं जिनकी अवधी समान है | पहला अंक सतयुग (सत्य का युग) या स्वर्णिम युग कहलाया जाता है  जो आत्मा और प्रकृति की भी सतोप्रधान अवस्था है | उस समय केवल कुछ अभिनेता नाटक में हैं और भारत के एक अविनाशी भाग के समान है | उसके बाद दूसरा अंक आता है जो सतोसामान्य पवित्रता का समय है | उसे त्रेतायुग कहते हैं | आबादी की  वृद्धि के कारण नाटक में और थोड़े अभिनेता आ जाते हैं | क्रमशः तीसरा अंक आता है जब आत्माएं और प्रकृति सिर्फ अर्धांश पवित्र (राजोप्रधान) रहती हैं | वह समय जो द्वापरयुग कहलाया जाता है विभिन्नता की शुरुआत होती है | तब नए-नए धर्म निकलने लगते हैं, आबादी और तेज़ी से बढ़ जाती है और ज़मीन की वृद्धि भी होती है | अंतिम अंक अपवित्रता और पतन का समय है, यानि कलियुग | युद्ध, अतिजान्संख्या, बार-बार आनेवाली विपदाएँ, बढती हुई बीमारियाँ, बढ़ता हुए प्रदूषण – उस समय की विशेषताएँ हैं|

चक्र के पहले २५०० साल हर विषय में एकता का समय होता है – धर्म, राज्य, भाषा, मत आदि में | आत्माओं को यह याद है की वे शरीरों से अलग हैं – आत्माभिमानी हैं |  वे दैवी गुणों से भरपूर हैं, प्रकृति पर नियंत्रण करती हैं और स्थायी सुख शान्ति का अनुभाव करती हैं | शास्त्रों में वह समय स्वर्ग या राम राज्य कहलाया जाता है | फिर अगले  २५०० साल बढती हुई विभिन्नता का समय है, जिसमें आत्माएं विकारी बनकर अपने को देह समझने के कारण प्रकृति पर नियंत्रण खो देती हैं | भ्रष्ट मतों, विचारों, धार्मिक संस्थाओं, सम्प्रदायों की संख्या  बढ़ जाती है जिससे दुःख अशांति का अनुभाव ज्यादा हो जाता है | उस समय को नरक या रावण राज्य कहते हैं | स्वर्ग और नरक इस सृष्टि के ही दो पहलू होते हैं किसी आकाश या पातळ में नहीं |

हर चक्र के नाटक का परिदृश्य समान होता है | इसमें विकास (एवलूशन) जैसी बात नहीं लेकिन बार-बार दोहरानेवाला, निरंतर आत्माओं तथा प्रकृति का पतन जो चक्कर में समय के अनुसार और तेज़ी से होता है | अंतिम दृश्य में महाविनाश होता है जो चक्र के अंत में एक ही तरह से होता है | तभी तमोप्रधान आत्माएं और प्रकृति फिर से अपनी सतोप्रधान स्थिति में लौटायी जाती है और खेल फिर से शुरू होता है |

अभिनेता और नाटक का द्रिध्य (सीनरी)
चेतन्य मनुष्य आत्माएं तथा दुसरे प्राणियों की आत्माएं इस नाटक के अभिनेता हैं जिसका दृश्य प्रकृति के ५ अचेतन्य  तत्त्वों से बनी हुई है | उसका रंग-मंच पृथ्वी है जो चारों तरफ साकार सृष्टि के अन्तरिक्ष से घेरी हुई है जिसके बाहर रूहानी स्थान अर्थात परमधाम है | परमधाम ऐसा स्थान है जिसमें आत्माएं बिना किसी अनुभाव के अक्रिय अवस्था में रहती हैं | वे क्रमशः परिदृश्य में अपनी-अपनी निर्दिष्ट भूमिकाएं पृथ्वी पर निभाने के लिए साकार सृष्टि में आती रहती हैं | यहाँ उनको साकार शरीररूपी वस्त्र मिलते हैं जो अनुभाव पाने के लिए और कर्म करने के लिए अनिवार्य हैं | आत्मारूपी अभिनेता कुछ नियमों के अधीन हैं जैसे जन्म-मरण का चक्र, चार अवस्थाओं से गुज़रना, कर्मभोग आदि | एक चक्र में उनको ज्यादा से ज्यादा ८४ जन्म, कम से कम १ जन्म मिलता है अर्थात हर आत्मारूपी अभिनेता को कम से कम एक जन्म के लिए इस खेल में भाग लेना ही पड़ता है | जो आत्मा इस रंग-मंच पर पहली बार आती है, उसको नाटक के अंत तक यहीं रहना पड़ता है अर्थात भले ही अभिनेता क्रमशः आत्माओं की श्रेणी में अपने-अपने नम्बर के अनुसार आते हैं, तो भी सभी को एक साथ नाटक के अंतिम समय में रंग-मंच को छोड़ना होता है | किसी आत्मा की भूमिका ज़्यादा लम्बी और किसी की बहुत छोटी होती हैं | यह व्यक्तिगत (इन्डविजवल) जन्मों की संख्या और उनकी अवस्था पर निर्भर होता है जो भी हर आत्मारूपी अभिनेता के लिए निश्चित है | मनुष्य आत्माओं की श्रेणी में पहली आत्मा अर्थात साकार मनुष्य पिता की भूमिका सब से लम्बी है | वे कभी इस रंग-मंच को नहीं छोड़ते | वे हर चक्र के शुरू से अंत तक इस साकार सृष्टी में रहते हैं | क्रमानुसार , श्रेणी में अंतिम आत्मा की भूमिका सब से छोटी होती है – वह तुरंत परमधाम में वापस जाने के लिए साकार सृष्टि में  आती है | जो आत्मा पहले रंग-मंच पर प्रत्यक्ष होती है, वह बाद में आनेवाली आत्मा से ज्यादा शक्तिशाली होती है | भले ही आत्मा कलियुग के अंत में आती है, फिर भी अपनी भूमिका को सतोप्रधान अवस्था में निभाने लगती है और तमोप्रधान अवस्था में समाप्त करती है | नाटक के चौथे अंक में चल रहा है, तो भी नयी आनेवाली आत्माएं सतिप्रधान अवस्था में आकर शुरू में केवल श्रेष्ट भूमिका निभाती है और सुख ही सुख का अनुभाव करती हैं |

नाटक की शूटिंग
आत्मारूपी अभिनेता और प्रकृति इस नाटक में भाग लेनेवाली दो विनाशी शक्तियां हैं अतः नाटक भी अविनाशी होना चाहिए | नाटक कभी किसी के द्वारा नहीं रचा गया है, परन्तु इसमें एक प्रकार की शूटिंग का समय निश्चित होता है | वह नाटक का अंतिम १०० साल हैं जो कलियुग और सत्युग के बीच परिवर्तन का समय है जिसको संगमयुग कहते हैं | तब निर्देशक भी रंग-मंच पर मौजूद होता है | उन १०० सालों में सब आत्माएं फिर से अपनी-अपनी भूमिकाओं (सद्गुण, अवगुण, सम्बन्ध-संपर्क आदि) से पूरित होती हैं | उन १०० सालों में जिनमें नाटक के चार युगों का सार समाया हुआ है आत्माओं में सूक्ष्म रूप में हर धर्म, राज्य, परंपरा, संस्कृति, मत, शास्त्र, रीति-रिवाज आदि अर्थात सब कुछ जिसका चार युगों के दौरान अनुभाव होता है उसका रिकॉर्ड होता है | संगम युग जो पूरे नाटक की अपेक्षा बहुत छोटा है, आत्मारूपी अभिनेताओं के लिए सच्चा ज्ञान प्राप्त करने का भी समय है | तभी उनको मालूम पड़ता है की उनका असली रूप क्या है, वे कहाँ हैं, कहाँ से आते हैं, क्या कर रहे हैं आदि | वे सृष्टि का असली इतिहास और भूगोल, अपने-अपने जन्मों की कहानी, मुख्या हीरो-हेरोइने (राम और कृष्ण) को पहेचान सकते हैं और निर्देशक से भी मिल सकते हैं | संगम युग हिंसक बदलावों, तीव्र परिवर्तन, आत्माओं और प्रकृति का शोधन (प्युरफकैशन), तमोप्रधान पद्धतियों का विनाश और सतोप्रधान अवस्था में वापसी का समय होता है | अंत में ही पर्दे के पीछे से  स्वयं निर्देशक निकलता है |

नाटक का निर्देशक
जब निर्देशक – परंपिता शिव रंग-मंच पर आते हैं तब संगम्युग अर्थात ५००० वर्षों के नाटक की पुनरावर्ती रेकोर्ड शुरू होता है | निर्देशक सब आत्माओं का पिता हैं, जो एक ही पूरे नाटक को परिपूर्ण रूप से जानते  हैं | हर दृश्य, हर आत्मारूपी अभिनेता के बारे में पूरा ज्ञान होने के कारण वेही उनको सही ज्ञान दे सकते हैं और हर कल्प के चक्र में हूबहू ऐसा करता है | ज्ञान मिलने तक मनुष्य आत्माएं अपनी-अपनी भूमिकाओं से अनभिज्ञ होने के कारण बुद्धिहीन अवस्था में हैं |

निर्देशक अद्वितीय आत्मा है जिसका न अपना शरीररूपी वस्त्र है, न वे  उन नियमों के अधीन हैं जो बाकी सब आत्माओं के लिए अनिवार्य हैं | लगभग ५००० साल वे परमधाम में रहते हैं और भले ही वे संगमयुग में पृथ्वी पर मौजूद हैं तो भी अधिकांश समय तक गुप्त रूप में रहते हैं | नाटक के परिदृश्य में उसके लिए असाधारण भूमिका और कार्य नूँध होते हैं | निर्देशक अपनी भूमिकाओं को निभाने के लिए और कार्यों को पूरे करने के लिए इस नाटक के हीरो और हिरोइन के तन को काम में लाते हैं | अर्थात वे मनुष्य आत्माओं के तन में प्रवेश करते हैं | हीरो – राम का शरीर उनके लिए मुक़र्रर रथरूपी वस्त्र है | हेरोइन – कृष्ण का तन अल्पकाल का वस्त्र है | सन १९३६ से परंपिता  शिव निर्देशक  जैसे नाटक की शूटिंग का प्रबंध (मैनिज) और निरिक्षण (सूपर्वाइज़) करते हैं | साथ ही क्रमशः वे अपनी भूमिकाएँ निभाते हैं – माता की पार्ट कृष्ण के तन से; बाप, शिक्षक, सदगुरु की पार्ट – राम के तन से | वे आत्माओं को पतित से पावन बनाने के साथ ज्ञान, प्यार, आत्मिक पालन, स्थायी सुख शांति रूपी वरासत देते हैं तथा उनको मुक्ति और जीवन मुक्ति की ओर मार्ग दिखाते हैं | वे १०० सालों में तीन कार्य भी पूरे करते हैं – ब्रह्मा के रूप से नयी सृष्टि की स्थापना, शंकर के रूप से पुरानी, तमोप्रधान सृष्टि का विनाश, विष्णु के रूप से नयी, पवित्र सृष्टि का पालना | हर मनुष्य आत्मारूपी अभिनेता परंपिता शिव से मिले हुए ज्ञान और उनके कार्य अलग-अलग रूप से आत्मिक रजिस्टर में याद रखता है | नए कल्प के चक्र के दूसरे अर्धांश से लेकर वे रजिस्टर चित्रों, शास्त्रों, मूर्तियों, पूजाओं, धार्मिक अनुष्ठानों आदि के रूप में प्रत्यक्ष होते हैं अर्थात वे सब परंपिता शिव के इस छोटे संगम युग में भूमिकाओं और कर्मों की यादगार हैं |  जो रीति-रिवाज हम आज देखते हैं, वे सब पहले चक्र के संगमयुग की यादगार हैं |

यह सदा दोहरानेवाला इतिहास का सार है जिसका एक ही  सिनेरीओ होता है | वास्तव में उसका न आदि न अंत होता है या दूसरे शब्दों में कह सकते हैं कि उसका आदि और अंत सर्कल में एक ही बिंदु है | लगभग ५००० सालों के अन्दर उस नाटक के अभिनेता अपने-अपने कर्मों से अनभिज्ञ होते हुए अपनी-अपनी भूमिकाएँ निभाते हैं | अधिकांश समय तक उनको यह भी मालुम नहीं हो पाटा कि वे नाटक के पात्र हैं यथार्थतः उनको इस खेल में भाग लेना ही होगा जिसमें उनको चार अवस्थाओं से गुज़रकर तमोप्रधान तक जाना ही होगा | वे यह भी नहीं जानते कि वे अपनी-अपनी भूमिकाएं पहले ही निभाते थे तथा भविष्य में वे फिर से उन्हें निभाते रहेंगे |

एन्त्रोपी (उत्क्रम माप ) जो वैज्ञानिक लोग प्राकृतिक प्रक्रियाओं की विशेषता मानते हैं इस नाटक में हर बात के लिए लागू होता है, चाहे भौतिक चाहे आत्मिक स्तर पर | यह चक्र में सतोप्रधान से तमोप्रधान बन्ने के लिए अनुरूप होता है | जब आत्माएं प्रकृति के संपर्क में आती रहती हैं उनकी शक्ति क्षीण हो जाती है | उस प्रक्रिया  में वे पहले प्रकृति से अलगाव का अनुभाव खो देती हैं और समय के अनुसार प्रकृति पर किसी रूप में नियंत्रण नहीं कर सकतीं | दूसरी ओर प्रकृति अर्थात पांच तत्त्व इस्तेमाल में होने के कारण ज्यादा से ज्यादा ऐसे रूपों में बदल जाते रहेत हैं जिनका प्रयोग नहीं हो सकता | जैसे एक बार प्रयोगित गतिज ऊर्जा  यांत्रिक कार्यों के लिए प्रयोग नहीं किये जा सकते | दूसरे शब्दों में कल्प चक्र की परिक्रमा के साथ प्रदूषण बढ़ जाता है | आत्माओं का प्रदूषण प्रकृति की स्थिति में प्रतिबिम्बित होता है और प्रकृति का प्रदूषण आत्माओं की स्थिति पर बुरा असर डालता है |  प्रदूषण की बढ़ोत्तरी के साथ जीवन के अनुभाव बिगड़ जाते हैं जो जीवन हर क्षेत्र में प्रत्यक्ष हो जाता है, चाहे एक व्यक्ति, चाहे समूह, चाहे समाज या सारी दुनिया  की आबादी के दृष्टिकोण से देखा जाये | हर चीज़, हर सम्बन्ध, हर संगठन या संस्था इस नियम की अधीन होती है | “सब कुछ नया सुखदायी, सब कुछ पुराना दुखदायी होता है |” बढती हुई अव्यवस्था, संघर्ष, विभाजन, विविधता, भूक, अभाव, बीमारियाँ, विपत्तियाँ आदो आत्मिक और भौतिक चक्रीय प्रदूषण की निशानियाँ हैं | आत्माओं में पांच विकार मौजूद हैं और पांच तत्त्व विनाशकारी बनते हैं |

“हर एक मनुष्य मात्र को, हर चीज़ को सतो, रजो, तमो में आना होता है. […] नए को पवित्र, पुराने को अपवित्र कहेंगे.|” [शिवबाबा]

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