Dharmraj of the Confluence Age

15 मई

The Confluence Aged Dharmraj

Yaduvanshi of the Confluence don’t know what respect is.

Here there is an extra class for the Yadavas’ for their lack of respect for the Father. ShivBaba cass 407 eng

Discussion 868

Timing: 44 min.

How will the foundation of  ONE kingdom, one DHARMA, one language be laid in the Confluence Age?

It will be laid as you will lay it. Suppose you are  Punjabi and all in you family know Hindi… What? Yet, you don’t speak Hindi and speak what? You speak Punjabi… Then what kind of shooting are you doing? Are you making the shooting of one dharma, one kingdom and one language? No, you are not. So, here it depends on you individually. If we consider ourselves to be children of the Mother and Father… Then should they [speak] the mother tongue of the Mother and Father’s children… The Father’s language…. The Mother’s language… Or some other language? If all in our environment know Hindi [Baba is speaking about the unlimited spiritual family, not about the worldly family], will the one having the mother tongue (matr bhasha vashi) speak the Mother’s language or will he speak some other language? So, it is clear whether this child is laying the foundation of one dharma, one kingdom, one language or he is not.

People don’t make door directed towards the south? What does it mean? [the recording is not very clear.]

It means that there will be a Guardian (digpal) of the North in the North. It is believed that there are 8 Guardians (digpal).  Dig means ‘directions’. How many guardians sustaining 8 directions? 8 Guardians. Those 8 Guardians are not someone else, [but] those who in the Confluence Age made first class spiritual efforts and entered the list of the 8 Deities. Those 8 Guardians are praised. They are considered as the ancestors (purvaj) of 8 dharmas. Purv [and] ja. ‘Ja’ means ‘the ones who are born’, ‘purv’ means ‘first’, [meaning] the ones who gave birth in the form of revelation to the form of their soul; who became revealed in the world as the 8 elevated souls. Which Guardian d among those 8 souls will be considered as the most elevated? Hm? The [Guardian] of the North will be considered as the most elevated, because nothing but snow [ice] (barf) is accumulated in the North. It is the residence of God; it is called Mount Kailash. Kuber is considered as the Guardian of the North. He is considered as the Lord of Wealth. Is it about the limited wealth or unlimited wealth? What is the unlimited wealth? The Knowledge of God. God doesn’t come and bring diamonds, pearls, jewels, gems or treasures. What does he bring when he comes? He comes and bring the Gift of Knowledge. It will be said the someone respects that Gift of Knowledge, when he assimilates that Knowledge in the practical life, in the reality. Which guardian among the 8  is the one who values the Gift on Knowledge to the greatest extent and who among all the deities makes his life the purest. He makes it so pure that even the ones who are praised in the form of three female deities of the three male deities in the Trimurti Shiva have to bow before him. In that field the one who is a special instrument in the North. Kashi Nagri is considered to be elevated. This is the praise for her/it: ‘The one who will enter the Door of Kashi Nagri will go straight to where? He will go to paradise.’ Among the 8 deities the Door of the North is the mine of purity, the elevated door. In front of her/it which is the other direction? The opposite one, the South. All know that a half destruction took place in the Copper Age. This issue sits in Brahmins’ intellect. What? At the beginning of the Copper Age and at the end of the Silver Age a half destruction took place in the entire world. What transformation happened? [People] say that paradise fell in hell and the hellish world of the Copper Age rose up. The world of duality came up and the non-dualistic world of the deities went down. The Himalayas and the fields around them… We know how mountains are created. Great volcanoes erupt and lava that flows out from them continuously form mountains. The place which was the field of paradise became what in the beginning of the Copper Age? Which mountains? The highest mountains of the world. It became the Himalaya. What big volcanoes must have erupted. And when the hellish world changes and it comes to the complete destruction, it will become opposite. What will become opposite. Not only snow will melt, but mountains will disappear and the world of paradise will be created in that place. Today’s Southern Bharat that looks like “paradise” of Bharat…. Those who go to Southern Bharat, let them see how clean stations are there, see wealth and splendor there. Baba too, said: ‘Southern Bharat is the foreign land of Bharat.’ It will submerge in ocean. Northern Bharat (Uttar Pradesh) is the land or province (pradesh), where the capital of paradise is created. Opposite to it there is that door of the world where the capital of hell is established. When the Copper Age starts which dharm comes first? Islam [i.e. Abraham Religion]. You may call it Islam [i.e. Abraham Religion] or Muslim Religion. Where those Muslims focus their intellects? [Students: In Kaba.] Where is Kaba? In Arab Countries. Those Arab Countries from where the Islamic Culture spread is the African land or province (pradesh), it is the land or province of Afghanistan, Iran. It is called The Southern Door. Do you understand? What? That one is the door of the Devilish Culture where hell is created. And that one, Kashi Nagri is the door where paradise is created, where the foundation of paradise is laid. It is being laid. What was your questions? People don’t make door towards the south, why? In the path of devotion making door towards the south is not considered as the  good one. [People] will make them towards the east or north.

You Brahmin children give those skulls a kick. Those who will die in the Great Destruction are devils, you know this! They are the ones who create the World of Devil! That is why give those skulls a kick!

  • Many storms (of negative thoughts) will come in the mind but you should not transform them into actions through your organs. If you act through the organs then those organs will be cut. That organ shall be cut. If you get angry at anyone after surrender (your body to Baba) then the tongue shall be cut. Dharmaraj (literally meaning king of religion, but refers to the deity of death or punishment according to Hindu mythology) Baba will get the organs cut one by one. (14-4-73, pg-2)
  • I am Dharmaraj too. When you used to do anything indirectly (before coming to this path of knowledge) you used to receive temporary punishments. Now after coming directly (in contact with God) if you undo the hard work of Baba, then you will have to face a lot of punishment. Dharmaraj Baba says I will peel off your skin. (17-4-73, pg-3)
  • Whether you go with me happily or not, you definitely have to go with me. The unlimited father is the highest Deity of Death (Kaalon ka kaal). (14-9-73)
  • Baba has explained how you experience punishment. Punishment is given not through subtle body but after entering into a corporeal body. (4-10-73, pg-2)
  • The Father says I give happiness. Sorrow i.e. punishment is given by Dharmaraj. I do not have the right to punish. Tell me (about your sins) and punishment will be given by Dharmaraj. (12-11-73, pg-2)
  • The Father says whether you like or not, I have come here, (so) I will take you even by force. I will not leave anyone. If you don’t come with me, I will take you by giving you punishments and even by beating you. (22-6-74, pg-2;  21-1-72, pg-2)
  • Baba is also a big Marshal. Along with Baba there’s Dharmaraj too. If you don’t follow the Shrimat (directions) of Baba then (remember) his right hand is Dharmaraj. (24-4-72,pg-2)
  • Now remember that there is subtle punishment along with corporal punishment. Don’t think that you will suffer the subtle punishments through the mind and finish them. No! Subtle punishments are received in subtle form. And these will increase day by day. If you act against the code of conduct (maryada), violate the code of conduct, both worldly and Godly codes of conduct; such souls will also have to experience corporal punishments. (A.V. 3-5-72,pg-3)
  • Dharmaraj Baba will also cause divine visions and tell you: ‘Now you suffer punishments. You were explained so much to refrain from such acts. But you continued to do that. Now suffer the punishment!’  (19-7-72. Pg-4)
  • There is very big punishment for traitors (in the outside world). So, here also it’s the same. If anyone becomes the Father’s child and then becomes a traitor, then such souls receive a very big punishment. Their skin is peeled off.  (6-10-72 pg-3)
  • If the burden of sins remains (till the end) then a tribunal will sit for you. Divine visions are given. You acted like this in this birth…….Here also Dharmaraj will give divine visions and tell you that the Father used to teach you through the body of Brahma. You were taught so much, yet you committed so many sins. (The Father) will give visions of the sins of not only this birth but also of the previous births. (4-7-78 pg-2)
  • Dharmaraj is also a creator. Baba only gives divine visions of the form of Dharmaraj, isn’t it? And then, he proves that, ‘Look, you had promised that you will not get angry, you will not cause sorrows to anyone.’ But even then, you caused sorrows to him, irritated him. Now you suffer the punishment. I cannot give punishment without causing visions. Proof is required, isn’t it? They also feel that I left Father and committed sins. (28-5-71 pg-2)
  • If anyone takes a vow before the unlimited father and then falls down, he will have to bear beatings of Dharmaraj. This is unlimited father and unlimited Dharmaraj. And then you receive unlimited punishment. If you hesitate in something or commit any sin, you will certainly face the punishment. They don’t understand that they are violating the directions of God. Dharmaraj gives very big punishment.(8-10-71 pg-3)
  • Remember that if you don’t accept now, then I shall break your bones through Dharmaraj. Just don’t ask. There are many who cannot live without sex.  They are not afraid. Just don’t ask how many punishments they will have to bear and their position will be degraded. They fell to such a low level in the bad company of others that they become worthy of Chandaal’s post (a community within the lowest caste in the Hindu society, which attends to funeral work).    (13-10-71 pg-3)
  • After some time these things i.e. giving lift will be stopped. That’s why you can take whatever you want now. Then the Father’s form will be transformed into a form of Supreme Justice. Before the Justice, one may be his loved one or relative, but law is law. Now it’s time for love. Then it will be a time for law. Then you will not be able to receive this lift.(A.V.30-5-73,  25-9-78 pg-2)
  • If you forget Father then you will receive the Father only in the form of Dharmaraj. You will never be able to receive the Father’s love. That is why, don’t hide, don’t take it lightly, and don’t blame others. In this foundation of purity, Baapdada will give 100 times or million times (padam guna) punishment for every mistake through Dharmaraj. There cannot be any compromise in this issue. He cannot become merciful in this, if once someone has created the relationship with Father, and become influenced by others. Shifting from the influence of the Supreme Soul to the influence of souls, means that one has not known or recognized the father. Before such souls father appears like a father and Dharmaraj. (A.V. 12-4-84 pg-239)
  • Now you are not receiving any direct punishment for the creation of any wasteful and impure thought. But after some lime, leave the matter of actions; you will experience the direct punishment of even the impure or wasteful thought. (A.V. 3-5-72 pg-263)
  • There is Dharmaraj along with Father. Dharmaraj’s duty also finishes now. He won’t be there in the Golden age. Then his role begins from the Copper Age.  The Father sits and explains the secrets of akarma (actions without positive or negative results), karma (actions with positive or negative results) and vikarma (actions with negative results). (25-7-75 pg-2)
  • Dharmaraj is also combined (with the Father). He is the Right Hand. He keeps ‘writing down’ the actions of children.  He has a role in the drama. He’s the one who gives punishment. (1-7-74 pg-2)
  • He is the Father also and Dharmaraj also. He watches the sins (of children). ‘They abuse me.’ There are very strict rules. But Bhasmasurs (a demon who undertook a rigorous penance and got a boon from Shankara that any person whose head is touched by him will be destroyed. The demon, misusing his boon, tries to place his hand on the head of Shankara himself who granted the boon) don’t understand. Bhasmasurs raise their hands to declare that they will wed Sri Laxmi (consort of Vishnu) and commit such sins which cannot be described [….] The Father says ‘Fear the punishment!’ Even murderers don’t get as much punishment as the punishment received by the children here. (2-5-78 pg-2)

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